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Stand Py Me

 Fun to Solve. Level 5.1.2

USD 75.00
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Toyo Glass Puzzle Coaster Puzzle

Toyo Glass Puzzle Coaster & Glass Puzzle - Comes with original box, some writing on box

USD 85.00
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Cubism For Fun Lot x8 Magazines + Index + 100 Issue Puzzles

x8 Issues of Cubism For Fun (98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106) + Index outlining content of every issue!+ x2 commemorative puzzles sent to all subscribers for 100th ...

USD 45.00
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Remove The Yolk

Remove The Yolk was Robrecht's design competition entry at IPP30 in Osaka in 2010.  As Master Puzzle Maker Eric Fuller has remarked - "A participant of the 2...

USD 131.00
JerryLoo (9 )

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Toyo Glass Packed in Tokyo Packing Puzzle

Toyo Glass Packed in Tokyo - Fit the plastic figurines into the subway car - Comes with original box and packaging (shows signs of wear). One of the most famous and inter...

USD 150.00
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Exchange by Wil Strijbos

Exchange by Wil Strijbos - IPP - Comes with original box and papersMissing ball bearing and one of the chainlink rings - Still playable and parts can probably be found at...

USD 150.00
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Blackjack Cake

This puzzle box by Perry McDaniel is #1 in his Pastry Series.  It has quite an unusual solution.

USD 236.00
jchiou (23 )

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The Hexadecimal Puzzle - Binary Arts

Binary Arts first puzzle release - The Hexadecimal PuzzleThis is the nicest example of the puzzle I've seen - Comes complete with original instructions and inserts ...

USD 200.00
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Oskar's Paperclips Puzzle (2010 version)

I made a very small batch of this excellent puzzle five years ago, and thought it was time for another one. Very few people have made this puzzle (just me and Tom I think...

USD 275.00
Cubicks (3 )

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Triagonal Agony

Triagonal Agony by Laszlo Molnar

USD 110.00
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Burr Bones

Frank's designs can be few and far inbetween, but are generally worth waiting for. "Burr Bones" is no exception. This three piece devil is a crafty level 2...

USD 120.00
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Wausau '84

From Mr. Cutler's website: "I had always been interested in designing burr puzzles which are difficult to take apart. The burr shapes I had used to this point a...

USD 95.00
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The Rattle

A very difficult packing puzzle by Stewart Coffin.#237 in his list of designs.  one piece cannot be removed,which is the Rattle.  the remaining pieces must be inserted ...

USD 32.00
DerekBosch (84 )

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Havana Box #1

Havana Box # 1 made by Eric Fuller. This box has a brilliant locking mechanism and in very good condition. The wood quality is excellent and this puzzle is very rare to f...

USD 375.00
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Cubyful 2

from cubicdissection.com:Cubyful is an interesting interlocking packing puzzle by Lucie. Seven fairly simple pieces must pack into the box...the tricky part is the captiv...

USD 49.00
DerekBosch (84 )

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from cubicdissection.com:I could say so much about this puzzle. I could talk about the crazy angles, the moves which combine rotations with coordinate movement. The diffi...

USD 235.00
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L Burr

this is an unusual burr by Junichi Yananose...level 4.5.6....  

USD 98.00
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Heavy Headed Burr Junior

this unusual 6-piece burr is a level 7.4.2design by Juno.It was an exchange puzzle at IPP28 in Prague

USD 43.00
DerekBosch (84 )

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Square Headed Burr

this unusual 6-piece burr is a level 8.2.2 design by Juno.It was an exchange puzzle at IPP29 in San Francisco

USD 41.00
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Stickman No. 33 Hexagram Puzzlebox

USD 758.00
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