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from could say so much about this puzzle. I could talk about the crazy angles, the moves which combine rotations with coordinate movement. The diffi...

USD 235.00
DerekBosch (84 )

34 bids  

Polly- Hedral - S.T.C. #206

Take the 6 pieces apart and reassemble them.IPP26 exchangeBuyer pays paypal fees

USD 60.00
Pottypuzzles (5 )

17 bids  


Seven two-layered pieces, each one made up of a thick and a thin square.12 challenges to fit inside the frame.IPP 28 exchangeBuyer pays paypal fees.

USD 33.00
Pottypuzzles (5 )

8 bids  

Toyo Glass Puzzle Coaster Puzzle

Toyo Glass Puzzle Coaster & Glass Puzzle - Comes with original box, some writing on box

USD 85.00
nalpak (0)

1 bid  

Worm Wood Puzzle Box II

Description"Worm Wood II" ● Aside from being a first class puzzle, WormWoodII alone is a nice looking gift, presentation, stash, treasure, etc. box, slightly...

USD 140.00
PuzzDude (0)

6 bids  

Two PI

Eric's description: This simple cube is easy to solve, but I found the design interesting. Three different pieces use coordinate motion, sliding together neatly. Ze...

USD 167.00
DanielScher (22 )

8 bids  


Still in original packaging

USD 101.00
dcameron (15 )

5 bids  

The Rattle

A very difficult packing puzzle by Stewart Coffin.#237 in his list of designs.  one piece cannot be removed,which is the Rattle.  the remaining pieces must be inserted ...

USD 32.00
DerekBosch (84 )

11 bids