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Tabula Cube

Tabula Cube is a very interesting take-apart and interlocking puzzle.  Designed by Yavuz Demirhan and crafted by Eric Fuller in Wenge and Iroko, this sold-out puzzle me...

USD 149.00
RonZezima (34 )

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Makishi Puzzle Box

Makishi Puzzle BoxI believe this is a 16 move puzzle box.  I say believe because Makishi’s puzzle boxes are sneaky with lots of moving parts, so after a few solves I w...

USD 90.00
Arc Light (39 )

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Think Outside the Box

Cool and tricky puzzle...Original description page : https://cubicdissection.com/collections/discontinued-work/products/think-outside-the-boxAfter the end of the auction...

USD 161.00
tynods (101 )

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L Unifolié

IPP 2015 entry puzzle of Stephan Baumegger.Quite unusual...After the end of the auction the final shipping cost will be calculated.Besides PayPal, TransferWise payment so...

USD 360.00
tynods (101 )

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Priceless Puzzles Series - Pearl

Can you disassemble this mysterious treasure trove of puzzles? Pieces move, but still they hold together. It's up to you to find a way to take them apart. Each style has ...

USD 15.00
IronMan (0)

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Acorn Box - Hiroshi Iwahara

From the original description:The cover rattles.  But, the cover doesn't open even when you pull it up or turn any points of the box.  It was unveiled at an exhibition ...

USD 120.00
jchiou (40 )

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Half Lid Box (Fuller / Katsumoto)

(This is from the CD Artisan series)From CubicDissection:Half Lid Box by the famous Hajime Katsumoto is a similar challenge to Obstacle Box. With only two layers and one ...

USD 47.00
fivesinatras (53 )

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The Karst Phenomenon

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - Prague, Czech Republic, August 2008Presented by Karst Nauta. Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Karst Nauta.The p...

USD 125.00
tynods (101 )

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Vortex MBP #5

Vortex was number 5 in Robert Rose's MBP series (Mental Block Puzzles) It was made in very limited numbers and most of the original puzzles were acquired by collectors at...

USD 512.00
Steve (107 )

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Ribbon Box - Akio Kamei

The Box with a Ribbon designed by Akio Kamei, reproduced by Bits & PiecesThis is a remake of Akio Kamei's Ribbon Box (P-27, "The Box with a Ribbon").  Orig...

USD 61.00
fluorescein (31 )

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Oskar's Maze - Oskar van Deventer

Oskar's Maze designed by Oskar van Deventer, produced by Bits & PiecesThis metal puzzle is a 3-dimensional maze. From a previous CD Marketplace listing: "This is...

USD 44.00
fluorescein (31 )

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Mixed Nuts by The Rammer

Hello,i want to sell this 2D packing puzzle which was designed and crafted by The Rammer!The goal is to arrange all 7 pieces so that only the tiles with the matching wood...

USD 63.00
P0diceps (71 )

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