It is REQUIRED that all participants comprehensively read and understand these instructions! Cubicdissection staff will not respond to questions that are answered in this document.

Buyers must also read and understand the buying instructions, and sellers must read and understand the selling instructions.

Welcome to the Cubicdissection Marketplace!  We are an event-driven auction that occurs four times per year and exists as a framework to connect buyers and sellers of collectible mechanical puzzles.  Item payment and delivery are handled by the participants and is not managed by Cubicdissection.

While this site is open for public viewing, buying and selling are reserved for members only.  To view previously sold items, click HERE.

The next public event is scheduled to begin Sunday, February 7th, 2021.


Use of this site in any way constitutes your agreement to the site Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  All users are required to read and understand both documents prior to engaging further with the site content and services.

This site is intended for use as a market by which buyers and sellers connect. Cubicdissection does not mediate or otherwise guarantee transactions between users. Use of this site constitutes your agreement to proactively communicate and resolve any issues between yourself and any other respective party, to include pre and post-event questions, request for more detail in listings, complaints as to photographs or descriptions, and any other issues which may arise.


This is a private site. New bidders must fill out the registration in its entirety to be considered for membership.  Once submitted, it is important to confirm your email address by clicking the verification link in the email that is sent.  If you can not find the email, check your spam folder and create an exception allowing future emails from the Marketplace; this is important to receive bid, outbid and successful win notifications.

Please note that the Marketplace is an entirely different system than the main Cubicdissection site, and therefore uses a different Username and Password.  Users are free to use the same for both sites, or for better security use two unique credentials.
New accounts must furthermore have their identity and mailing address verified.  A PayPal invoice for a token amount ($.50 USD) will be sent to the registrants' email address.  This invoice must be paid with a verified PayPal account which shares the same mailing address as the Marketplace account.  These measures are in place to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created and maintain a safe environment for all participants.
Once registered, please navigate to the Buying Instructions page and read it in its entirety.  It is very important that participants understand the responsibilities and commitments incurred by placing a bid.


The ability to sell items is restricted to known, active members of the international puzzle community and members of the IPP. If you do not qualify as a listing member, you may become one by having references from several current members.  New accounts are by default restricted to bidding only.  To request selling privileges, please log in to the Members Area and click the "Request Selling Privileges" button.  You will be contacted by a Marketplace administrator should we require additional information to approve your request.
Once approved you will see a "Sell" link on the header navigational bar.  Before listing an item is it VITAL that you understand the selling options and configure your account.  Please navigate to the Selling Instructions page and read it entirely before listing any items.