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Wave 5

Yuu Asaka's Wave 5 puzzle (original package).The goal of this puzzled is to fit all 5 wave-shaped pieces into the tray provided.  As with other of Yuu's puzzle...

USD 30.00
zd (3 )

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Dual Maze 2014 release Eric Fuller and Tamás Vanyó

Dual Maze!   Eric Fuller and Tamás Vanyó Created in 2014.What a Great Maze Puzzle design!This piece has been stored well, with no more than 10 minutes of play.Comes ...

USD 125.00
ahaber (28 )

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3D Maze IPP 31 Jean Claude Constanintin Berlin 2011

IPP Puzzle Exchange 3D Maze Route Finding!2011 In BerlinMade by Jean Claude Constanintin.Very Nicely Done, I believe we All know these works.This one is tricky with the ...

USD 30.00
ahaber (28 )

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The Largest 3 Dimensional Maze in the Universe Larry Evans

Largest 3 Dimensional Maze in the Universe. This wall size poster opens to a rough 3 feet by 2 feet Wall poster that is incredible! This is a must have for everyone! Whet...

USD 5.00
ahaber (28 )

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Fractal Jigsaws

3 of Martin Raynesford's Fractal Tray Jigsaws.Very tricky to solve.Ships disassembled.Please wait for end of auction for final invoice with shipping cost.No addition...

USD 40.00
LokIKross (8 )

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Rhombic maze burr (RMB)

Comes with a load of spare magnetic pins and a tool to remove the pins. I also have a print out of all the different problems, however this will increase the weight so it...

USD 327.00
Matt1989T (7 )

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Lot of 2D packing

7 2D puzzles includes:.8 cat puzzle.Z1*8.Z2*5.5 fennec foxes.5 Mononoke.Star forming region.6 Ayakashi

USD 55.00
Matt1989T (7 )

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