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Z Box by Jean-Claude Constantin

Z Box by Jean-Claude Constantin. Object is to open the box.Buyer will pay shipping and will be calculated at the end of the auction. Shipping will be the amount the ship...

USD 23.00
CanMan (49 )

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M-Box - Hideaki Kawashima

Interesting mechanism on this Karakuri Creation Group puzzle

jchiou (35 )

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All Five

This stylish wooden 37 piece geometric puzzle consists of the five Greek "cosmic figures", nested in an interlocking harmonious cosmos. From small to large, the...

USD 44.00
dickerdixon (188 )

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TV Puzzle

"The "TV Puzzle" is a long-discontinued Pelikan release that was the subject of particular obsession on the Mechanical Puzzle Discord. I somehow got roped...

USD 129.00
zackz115 (20 )

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Closterman 5×3×2 Packing (C/B #15A) [403-764]

*RARE* 2004 Closterman 5×3×2 Packing (CB #15A)Don's designs are infamous for the complexity of design and smooth operation.  Note the superb edge and corner finis...

USD 32.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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Cubism For Fun Zine Lot x4

Great condition! Issues 107, 108, 109, & 110!

USD 10.00
nalpak (85 )

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Board Burr Rack

from cubicdissection.com:Board Burr Rack looks quite simple. Simply slide four burrs into the rack spaces created by the frame. Easy, right? Unfortunately the two cubes t...

USD 70.00
DerekBosch (143 )

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Stickman Snowflake

This is the first edition holly version. Has been played with, but still fits extremely well and no damage.<div><br></div><div><br></div&...

Pottypuzzles (16 )

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This finely crafted Vega star puzzle is made up of 6 identical pieces.  Fit is just tight enough to keep it from accidentally falling apart easily.  -------------- Winn...

USD 95.00
rzvvl2 (53 )

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Die In Prison 2 - Burr/Box made by Cubic dissection

This was Eric's second release of this puzzle back in 2008.  A burr with a box in the middle. I've shamelessly copied and pasted Eric's description. The b...

USD 222.00
Steve (101 )

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B-Lock II

From this website's description:B-Lock II is a good entry-level puzzle for lock puzzle collectors. It uses a different mechanism than the first B-Lock. The key can b...

USD 49.00
jchiou (35 )

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Dai-3 Trick Lock

Low quality puzzle locks manufactured by Design Art India. Available from other large scale puzzle retailers such as Puzzle Master.For multiple items, combined shipping i...

USD 55.00
CubicdissectionExtras (311 )

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Secret Burr (Eric Fuller / Marcel Gillen)

From CubicDissection:"Secret Burr is a re-release of a puzzle I made very limited copies of in 2002. Unique in that it's difficult in both assembly and disassem...

USD 75.00
fivesinatras (41 )

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Crooked Notches

The Crooked Notches puzzle is number 97 in Stewart Coffin’s design listing. The puzzle is made of six symmetrical pieces, three of each of two kinds of pieces. This puz...

USD 75.00
bvanost (12 )

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Mad Max - Alfons Eyckmans

Mad Max is among my favorite Alfons cubes; parting with it only because I desperately need to free up shelf space.I accept PayPal. Buyer can expect to pay $13 shipping ...

USD 203.50
tomburns (26 )

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Cylinder Cube in a bottle

Hello, world

USD 20.00
Zhengis (0)

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Trick Padlock #34 - Interior quite rusty

This lock and keys weigh about 7 SPH (445g)  . It is working but has quite heavy rust/wear.  Should be restoreable but current state is filthy.This is one of several pu...

USD 12.00
Steve (101 )

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Stellated Stasis

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 24pt; "><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family...

Steve (101 )

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6 piece burr

From an unknown craftsman this is a 6 piece burr in solid oak.<br><br>It's made from rods 1 cm square and some 8 centimetres long.<br><br>Not...

mimetag (64 )

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The Louvre

Designed and made by Brian Young, this puzzle is no longer produced.  View his original listing at https://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/the-louvre-sequential-discovery-puzzle.htm...

USD 380.00
dickerdixon (188 )

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