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“Convolution’s Cousin” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 34)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Dave Possetti for the International Puzzle Party 34 held in London, England 2014   Goal: Disassemble and reassemble 4*...

USD 195.00
HvdZon (139 )

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Stand By Cube One (CD)

Stand By Cube One from CubicDissection

USD 215.00
fivesinatras (77 )

16 bids   Closed

Puzzlerone, IPP29 (2009) parody Exchange Puzzle

"Puzzlerone" is a unique puzzle design, parodied on the famous triangular Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone (see 2nd photo), designed by Swiss IPP couple Karen an...

USD 87.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

17 bids   Closed

Christmas Tree (Pelikan / Baumegger)

Christmas Tree from Pelikan, designed by Stephen BaumeggerCombined Shipping available

USD 80.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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Cubed Burr (WoodWonders)

Designer: Dic SonneveldMaker: Brian Menold (WoodWonders)

USD 75.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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Parasitic Burr by Tyler Hudson Oddball

We are excited to work with another new designer Tyler Hudson for this release. Parasitic Burr is an eight-piece burr in the disguise of a traditional six-piece burr shap...

USD 61.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

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Love cube (very rare) - Mr. McGrew

The Love cube by Mr. Stephen P. McGrew from era's gone by!A very rare puzzle where the pieces form a message of love. I've seen only two copies ever.It offers a nice inte...

USD 120.00
mimetag (106 )

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Octaplex I, 4th Dimension IPP35 Exchange Puzzle designed by Bob Hearn

"Octaplex I" is an intricate 4th dimension-based puzzle, designed and manufactured in 3D-printed nylon by perennial International Puzzle Party participant and P...

USD 65.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

6 bids   Closed

DDD Burr Set Aluminum (Eric Fuller)

This collaboration is one I've been looking forward to for a while. Darryl designed this excellent 12 piece set, with pieces precision machined in either brass or aluminu...

USD 110.00
Arsenal (40 )

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“Diagra” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Mike Hawthorn for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008   Goal: Use all the eight piec...

USD 80.00
HvdZon (139 )

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Triple Decker! Aluminum Bits and {ieces

An interesting Puzzle I dont see come up often.Triple Decker!   A Unique Look!Can you take it Apart?Much harder to put back together!6 Aluminum Sticks in original condi...

USD 29.77
ahaber (65 )

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Sliced Bread

This puzzle from Jos Bergmans consist of only 4 pieces, all are different. Take it apart and make a cube again.

USD 9.00
HH (17 )

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Taco Cube by JinHoo Ahn (RPP)

We were surprised when JinHoo contacted us with his latest design, Taco Cube. JinHoo is a very successful puzzle designer with multiple creations manufactured by the este...

USD 90.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

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Barzoi by Alfons Eyckmans Oddball

Another great one from Belgian burr builder Alfons Eyckmans, Barzoi is a very unique design. A twelve piece burr with interaction between the inner and outer components a...

USD 80.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

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Slideways Cube by Ray Stanton (IPP35 Exchange Puzzle made by Pelikan)

First there was Slideways, Ray Stanton's iconic coordinated motion burr puzzle.  Then there was Double Slideways, taking Slideways to the next level.  AND THEN Ray desi...

USD 121.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

9 bids   Closed

Rosebud - STC #39

Stewart Coffin's Rosebud #39 in Mahogany/Wenge, made by Pelikan in 2005.Six pieces can assemble in a coordinate motion and the puzzle opens and closes, appearing like a...

USD 70.00
Anduare (8 )

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Dino 2 - designed by Alfons Eyckmans, made by Pelikan

Selling my copy of Dino 2 zoo burr designed by Alfons Eyckmans and crafted with very high precision by Pelikan Puzzles.This is an intermediate level burr and should be ...

USD 155.00
grssam (95 )

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Skewered Cubes, IPP23 Exchange Puzzle (Chicago, 2003)

"Skewered Cubes" was designed, manufactured, and exchanged by the late great perennial International Puzzle Party attendee and Puzzle Exchange participant Rober...

USD 28.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

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Bison (Pelikan / Krijnen)

Bison from Pelikan, designed by Jack KrijnenCombined Shipping available

USD 219.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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BurrBon (Fuller / Alkema)

BurrBon made by Eric Fuller, designed by Tim AlkemaRead more hereShipped partly assembled as originally from CD (see pic)  Combined Shipping available

USD 125.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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