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Improved Cam Box by Eric Fuller (RPP)

Originally released in 2008 with very low quantities, the Improved Cam Box redesigns the concept with a much trickier solution. At first, it appears to be a traditional s...

USD 196.00
CubicdissectionExtras (70 )

24 bids   Closed

Coated Burr II (Ltd Ed #21/30) [404-474]

*RARE* Mr. Puzzle Limited Edition #21 of 30 -- Coated Burr II.  MINT, still in original shrink wrap.  Original documentation included.Please visit Mr. Puzzle's arc...

USD 294.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

7 bids   Closed

Oskar's Paperclips Sapwood by Oskar van Deventer (1)

Another classic by Oskar van Deventer, the Paperclips puzzle is rarely made, and for good reason. The length of the sticks and small surface area for overlap at the edges...

USD 120.00
CubicdissectionExtras (70 )

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Twelve Straight/ Twisted Black Limba/ Padauk by Yukio Hirose

Twelve Straight / Twisted is an incredibly difficult and satisfying interlocking puzzle. There are a staggering 10,800 possible solutions, but only four are capable of be...

USD 130.00
CubicdissectionExtras (70 )

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Kaon by Duane Einfeld (RPP)

I hadn't heard from Duane in quite some time, but he mailed me this little gem of a puzzle and I had to make it. Kaon is a six-piece burr which features three pairs ...

USD 160.00
CubicdissectionExtras (70 )

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Texas Coin Puzzle by MINE-- FUNDRAISER

Texas Coin Puzzle by MINEGoal is to remove the buffalo nickel coin.Proceeds to be donated to a Houston based benevolent organization. Buyer is responsible for the cost of...

USD 75.00
MatthewDawson (9 )

13 bids   Closed

Krbana B

Three pieces assemble in a coordinate motion. Perfect tight fit. Mildly difficult.Buyer pays Paypal ior wire transfer fees, as well as the shipping cost (calculated after...

USD 63.00
gwennou (8 )

19 bids   Closed

Pile 'Em Up Orange

Hello,This puzzle is "Pile 'Em Up Orange", made by Toyo Glass.The puzzle is new and comes in its original packaging.I will wrap it carefully and send with ...

USD 62.00
Arsenal (20 )

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Treasure Puzzle Box

Treasure Puzzle BoxUgears Treasure puzzle box is a laser cut puzzle box kit.  This auction is for a fully assembled puzzle box.  This design has fully working gears tha...

USD 37.00
Arc Light (31 )

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Improved Cam Box

USA Only - No International ShippingImproved Cam Box by Eric fullerVery fun puzzle to solve.Here is the description from the Cubic Dissection Website:Originally released ...

USD 130.00
Stevecru (6 )

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Berrocal (book)Berrocal Suite, Galerie Krugier & Cie, 1968.Suites 20. Edition of 1000 copies.It is a very curious book, with sculptures by Berrocal, over 50 years old and...

USD 32.00
Primitivo (2 )

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Berrocal (book)Berrocal Suite, Galerie Krugier & Cie, 1968.Suites 20. Edition of 1000 copies.It is a very curious book, with sculptures by Berrocal, over 50 years old and...

USD 34.00
Primitivo (2 )

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Pinned Framed Burr M (50 moves)

Juno's Pinned Framed Burr M. The goal is to remove the 4 pieces from the cage. It take 50 moves to remove the first piece. (There were only around 10 or so of this v...

USD 80.00
josiah1221 (16 )

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IPP Burr

Eric says "IPP Burr was my IPP exchange puzzle this year. A standard six piece burr, with three extra pieces which must fit inside the six piece burr once solved...

USD 35.00
GeorgeBell (43 )

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This is a beautiful puzzle by Brian Young of Australia.  It was sold by Mr. Puzzle of Australia.  It is a sequential discovery box, which means it'll use tools wit...

USD 350.00
ldytweety1 (9 )

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Keltec Bullet Puzzle

Kel Tec Brass Bullet PuzzleThis Brass Bullet Burr puzzle was put out by a company called Kel Tec to mark there 15 years in business.  At 2.75" in all dimensions it ...

USD 135.00
Arc Light (31 )

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One Piece Packing Puzzle

Designed By Simon many years ago, it has been some time since a high quality version of this fantastic puzzle was made available. The One Piece Packing Puzzle is a very t...

USD 400.00
DerekBosch (114 )

23 bids   Closed

Puzzle Package #1

Up for auction is a litle puzzle package containing various brain teasers. The auction winner will get all the following puzzles:- "2 Diamond Disentanglement Puzzle&...

Spanishlovemachine (162 )

16 bids   Closed


A great challenge for anyone interested in packing puzzles. Any amazing mathematical design that is quite difficult to solve. If needed, I can provide a video with a solu...

USD 51.00
DanielScher (48 )

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Cube Sixteen Canary Sapwood by Stewart Coffin (3)

Cube Sixteen is one of Coffin's more obscure designs but is nonetheless a delightful puzzle. Five unique pieces serially interlock with one possible solution. It...

USD 55.00
CubicdissectionExtras (70 )

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