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Inaccurate Burr

This beautiful puzzle hasn't gotten as much love and attention from me as it deserves, so I'm offering it up for sale to someone more deserving, and clearing ...

USD 125.00
rzvvl2 (13 )

9 bids  

Stickman No. 33 Hexagram Puzzlebox

USD 758.00
numonos (0)

21 bids  

Toyo Glass Packed in Tokyo Packing Puzzle

Toyo Glass Packed in Tokyo - Fit the plastic figurines into the subway car - Comes with original box and packaging (shows signs of wear). One of the most famous and inter...

USD 150.00
nalpak (0)

1 bid  

Two PI

Eric's description: This simple cube is easy to solve, but I found the design interesting. Three different pieces use coordinate motion, sliding together neatly. Ze...

USD 167.00
DanielScher (22 )

8 bids  

Flat Vortex

Flat Vortex by Chi-Ren Chen

USD 85.00
Cubicks (3 )

9 bids  

Trick Padlock #12

One of several Indian Puzzle locks I am selling.  The manufacture of all is best described as rustic.  Some of these locks shows signs of rusting but all are complete a...

USD 48.00
Steve (17 )

25 bids  

Stand By Cube 1

Stand By Cube no.1.  Please read Allard Walker's comments at http://allardspuzzlingtimes.blogspot.com/2017/04/stand-by-cubes-12-3.html

USD 90.00
dickerdixon (35 )

7 bids  

Cubyful 2

from cubicdissection.com:Cubyful is an interesting interlocking packing puzzle by Lucie. Seven fairly simple pieces must pack into the box...the tricky part is the captiv...

USD 49.00
DerekBosch (84 )

14 bids