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Up for auction is one of my favourite puzzles of the year, the RESTRICTED SOMA REBORN designed by C. M. Huang. 3 packing challenges in one (as there are 3 exchangeable ac...

Spanishlovemachine (171 )

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Tetra Spinner by Mineyuki Uyematsu (MINE)

A unique puzzle by Mineyuki Uyematsu (MINE):Center the frame with the 5 tetrominoes inside.Puzzles are kept in a pet-free room of a smoke-free home, temperature consiste...

USD 61.00
fivesinatras (25 )

15 bids   Closed

Pin Ball by Eric Fuller / William Hu

The most difficult of the Pin Cubes series designed by William Hu and made by Eric Fuller.From the original description on CubicDissection (61 copies):"The Pin Cubes...

USD 175.00
fivesinatras (25 )

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Groovy Cubes

A tricky assembly puzzle from Rick Eason out of production for some years now.  Sue Young's original description is at

USD 151.00
dickerdixon (142 )

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Rose - Moves Rotation requiredA great interlocking design from Osanori Yamamoto. This copy is made from MDF (or similar). The fit is good and the pieces move we...

USD 83.00
ajhippo (9 )

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205 Minute Cube by Aleksandr Leontev

"205 Minute Cube" by Aleksandr Leontev. This is a 3D printed 205 Minute Cube I bought directly from Aleksandr Leontev. It comes with an extra piece to change th...

USD 150.00
AJK (14 )

8 bids   Closed

Sweta Cross

Sweta Cross by Wil Strijbos Puzzle unsloved new Shipping to be determined at sale of the item, handling fee is $7.00, if you win multiple items, handling fee stays the ...

USD 130.00
Usher (19 )

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Ali's Bolt

Ali's Bolt Please see the description via provided link for more information. Shipping to be determined at sale of the item, handling fee is $7.00, if you win mult...

USD 44.00
Usher (19 )

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Wish Cube

Johan has produced some excellent puzzles in recent years and, in my opinion, this is the best. A big lump of wood, at 1.7kg it needs a bit of effort and each move needs ...

USD 605.00
dickerdixon (142 )

18 bids   Closed

Zernike 2

It is purge time for fivesinatras - I have to let go of some puzzles to free up some space (and recoup some funds); my collection is focused on take-aparts, so I am listi...

USD 42.00
fivesinatras (25 )

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Oskar's Patchwork Box

Oskar's Patchwork Box - design by Oskar, made by Tom Lensch (initials inside box). Beautiful puzzle. Hollow inside, so sort of a box, 6 pieces, easy to take apart, n...

USD 225.00
tomjolly2 (25 )

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Packing Puzzle 4P

Two puzzles in one! Fit the four pieces through the restricted openings on the front and back. For more information, see:

USD 67.00
DanielScher (58 )

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Dovetail Cube #01

Description: Dovetail Cube #01 by Wil Strijbos. Simple yet elegant solution. Precise machining makes this a beautiful unique metal puzzle to add to your collection.  ...

USD 290.00
chris_linnick (10 )

17 bids   Closed

RARE Hoffman Jr. Tom Lensch/Haym Hirsch

can be sent assembled or disassembled. Dissasembled is my recommendation. Part of Hayms inelegant series. Only selling because i have two and someone else should have the...

USD 270.00
PlasticPower (20 )

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Pin Cube (Pinprick)

Description: Pin Cube (Pinprick – Goncalo Alves wood), designed by William Hu, manufactured by Cubic Dissection.  Will’s designs are a must have.  My favorite of...

USD 165.00
chris_linnick (10 )

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Hex Fusion by Frederic Boucher

Hex Fusion is an extremely challenging 2D Packing Puzzle from Frederic Boucher created in 2020 (I can barely get the main pieces in, let alone the final one!).Puzzles are...

USD 88.00
fivesinatras (25 )

19 bids   Closed

Bars box IV - Karakuri

Bars box IVThis work was designed as a Christmas present for 2019. This work was made to confound those who are used to the Bars box II (KW-37) and Bars box III (KW-38). ...

USD 251.15
ajhippo (9 )

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USD 131.00
stephen (29 )

6 bids   Closed

Washington Monument

G’day puzzlers,I’ve been forced to thin down my collection so have to say bye to this great puzzle by the Real Mr Puzzle.A very interesting Mechanism. Had me stumped....

USD 360.00
Christo (28 )

21 bids   Closed

Gold Coast Parking Meter

G’day puzzlers,I’ve been forced to thin down my collection so have to say bye to this great puzzle by the Real Mr Puzzle.The aim is to get the parking meter to accept...

USD 545.00
Christo (28 )

29 bids   Closed