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SEARious Burr 13 Piece Burr with secret lock

Can Read Brian's description of the puzzle here puzzle functions p...

USD 230.00
Puzzler91 (2 )

19 bids   Closed


See Eric's original post at

USD 111.00
dickerdixon (72 )

10 bids   Closed


Eric - "Galaxia is a great display and play puzzle. With a fairly simple 5.5 solution it's not too tough to solve but looks great when completed."

USD 162.00
daf (6 )

17 bids   Closed

Hexagonal Porcupine

The Hexagonal Porcupine is an extension of the Hectix discovered independently by Bill and Stewart Coffin. Coffin patented the puzzle and used the name Hectix. The Hexago...

USD 863.04
bvanost (7 )

15 bids   Closed


Remove the coin.

USD 80.00
DanielScher (33 )

5 bids   Closed


Beautiful 9 piece Level interlocking puzzle with display stand.  -------------- Winning bidder will be contacted/invoiced with the auction total (winni...

USD 287.02
rzvvl2 (36 )

18 bids   Closed

Okto Cube

This is a six piece board burr encased in an eight piece cube. The cube pieces are made out of solid wood which gives this puzzle an overall weight that is pleasing and t...

USD 140.00
rzvvl2 (36 )

7 bids   Closed

Lot of 6 metal mechanical puzzles

Hanayama: U&U (take apart, put together)Enigma: Cannonball (sequential discovery)Bits and Pieces: Iso Crate, Keltic Cube, Trapped Satellite (take apart, put together)Infi...

USD 135.00
josiah1221 (4 )

18 bids   Closed

Worm Cube description: This release's cube offering is the very tricky and unique "Worm Cube" by Askerli. Each piece features concentric rings o...

USD 198.00
rzvvl2 (36 )

13 bids   Closed

Lange Wapper Casino 2

L.W. Casino 2 is a burr puzzle.I purchased this puzzle originally because I really liked that alfons used 3 wooden dice inside of the puzzle.Very cool puzzle!Level 18.2.8...

USD 101.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

17 bids   Closed


Pappos is a caged burr.6 pieces make up a level this puzzles several of the pieces are sublimated but have the brass dots in different orientations .As I was...

USD 110.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

15 bids   Closed

Crystal Escape Cube Tsukuda Original 3D Customizable Maze

Very rare 3D cube marble maze - This maze can be reconfigured via 27 transparent cubes with various paths - Comes with Japanese instructions and original packaging. I...

USD 75.00
nalpak (34 )

12 bids   Closed

Wada Large Format Dexterity Maze

Rare large format Wada dexterity puzzle - Highly detailed wooden marble puzzle - Get marble to red piece without falling off tracks. approx 7inx7inx2in

USD 115.00
nalpak (34 )

8 bids   Closed


this is an IPP 37 Paris exchange puzzle.The goal is to find different assemblies of the puzzle.Comes with a small booklet that discusses different challenges .Admittedly ...

USD 27.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

14 bids   Closed


A very colorful and well constructed burr puzzle with a hidden piece that needs to be moved via gravity (hence the puzzle name). Not overly difficult to disassemble, but ...

USD 165.00
kickaha (10 )

15 bids   Closed

Rudenko Mosaic Sliding Puzzle

Rudenko Mosaic double sided sliding puzzleA bit warped but still works 

USD 21.00
nalpak (34 )

12 bids   Closed

Arne’s Cube

Burr style Cube Level with all alfons puzzles this cube is beautifully crafted and in perfect condition.The winner of this auction will pay f...

USD 116.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

14 bids   Closed


This is a VERY VERY beautifully crafted caged burr puzzle crafted by Stephan Baumegger.This puzzle has a level of 40.7.19 and is in perfect condition .The winner of the a...

USD 130.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

15 bids   Closed


Skirt is a caged burr.I never got the opportunity to play with or solve this puzzle. Level 20.6The winner of this auction will pay for shipping/postage. I will contact t...

USD 96.00
puzzleplumber (18 )

24 bids   Closed


A very beautiful burr cube designed and crafted by Stephan Baumegger.Level 38.3.2 total 62This cube is in perfect condition . It was very difficult to convince myself to ...

USD 416.03
puzzleplumber (18 )

21 bids   Closed