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“Convolution’s Cousin” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 34)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Dave Possetti for the International Puzzle Party 34 held in London, England 2014   Goal: Disassemble and reassemble 4*...

USD 195.00
HvdZon (139 )

30 bids   Closed

Stand By Cube One (CD)

Stand By Cube One from CubicDissection

USD 215.00
fivesinatras (77 )

16 bids   Closed

Puzzlerone, IPP29 (2009) parody Exchange Puzzle

"Puzzlerone" is a unique puzzle design, parodied on the famous triangular Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone (see 2nd photo), designed by Swiss IPP couple Karen an...

USD 87.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

17 bids   Closed

Christmas Tree (Pelikan / Baumegger)

Christmas Tree from Pelikan, designed by Stephen BaumeggerCombined Shipping available

USD 80.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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Cubed Burr (WoodWonders)

Designer: Dic SonneveldMaker: Brian Menold (WoodWonders)

USD 75.00
fivesinatras (77 )

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Parasitic Burr by Tyler Hudson Oddball

We are excited to work with another new designer Tyler Hudson for this release. Parasitic Burr is an eight-piece burr in the disguise of a traditional six-piece burr shap...

USD 61.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

14 bids   Closed

Love cube (very rare) - Mr. McGrew

The Love cube by Mr. Stephen P. McGrew from era's gone by!A very rare puzzle where the pieces form a message of love. I've seen only two copies ever.It offers a nice inte...

USD 120.00
mimetag (106 )

3 bids   Closed

Octaplex I, 4th Dimension IPP35 Exchange Puzzle designed by Bob Hearn

"Octaplex I" is an intricate 4th dimension-based puzzle, designed and manufactured in 3D-printed nylon by perennial International Puzzle Party participant and P...

USD 65.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

6 bids   Closed

DDD Burr Set Aluminum (Eric Fuller)

This collaboration is one I've been looking forward to for a while. Darryl designed this excellent 12 piece set, with pieces precision machined in either brass or aluminu...

USD 110.00
Arsenal (40 )

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“Diagra” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Mike Hawthorn for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008   Goal: Use all the eight piec...

USD 80.00
HvdZon (139 )

15 bids   Closed