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Cubism For Fun Lot x8 Magazines + Index + 100 Issue Puzzles

x8 Issues of Cubism For Fun (98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106) + Index outlining content of every issue!+ x2 commemorative puzzles sent to all subscribers for 100th ...

USD 141.00
nalpak (3 )

18 bids   Closed

Exchange by Wil Strijbos

Exchange by Wil Strijbos - IPP - Comes with original box and papersMissing ball bearing and one of the chainlink rings - Still playable and parts can probably be found at...

USD 201.00
nalpak (3 )

8 bids   Closed

Worm Wood Puzzle Box II

Description"Worm Wood II" ● Aside from being a first class puzzle, WormWoodII alone is a nice looking gift, presentation, stash, treasure, etc. box, slightly...

USD 285.00
PuzzDude (1 )

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Matrix -  Émil Áskerli : 45 (, Pau Marfim and Zebrano for the pieces and Partridge Wood for the frame.The puzzle is 135 x 135 x 135 mm a...

USD 220.00
JohanHeyns (7 )

13 bids   Closed

Camera Conundrum

A classic from Pelikan.  Read comments from William Waite and Kevin Sadler at

USD 470.00
dickerdixon (44 )

35 bids   Closed

The Flying Scotsman

One of Pelikan's best!  Read Terry's comment at

USD 455.00
dickerdixon (44 )

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Frankenstein is a real beast unless you love high level disassembly!  Read what Eric has to say at

USD 180.00
dickerdixon (44 )

19 bids   Closed

Binary Key II

Goh's Binary Key II is a re-design of his original Key Puzzle (which was also Bill Cutler's IPP24 Exchange Puzzle).The Binary Key II comes under the group of gr...

USD 135.00
JerryLoo (14 )

36 bids   Closed

Wausau '84

From Mr. Cutler's website: "I had always been interested in designing burr puzzles which are difficult to take apart. The burr shapes I had used to this point a...

USD 100.00
bvanost (5 )

3 bids   Closed

Towers of Riga

Pack the 13 pieces in the given container. Ipp 25 exchange.Buyer pays paypal fees

USD 30.00
Pottypuzzles (12 )

14 bids   Closed