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Lattice, IPP29 Exchange Puzzle, Tom Jolly and Eric Fuller

"Lattice" was a joint venture by highly respected puzzle designer Tom Jolly and the late, great, sorely missed by all of us, Eric Fuller, who produced the puzzl...

USD 27.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

5 bids   Closed

Ternion Box - Sequential Discovery Puzzle by Ryan Sinatra

Ternion Box is a sequential discovery puzzle with the goal of releasing the coin. Buyer to pay shipping calculated after auction ends. Paypal, Zelle, Venmo accepted.

USD 220.00
ryansinatra (12 )

5 bids   Closed

Ring Off IPP40

Selling 'Ring Off' an IPP40 Exchange puzzle by Peter Hajek, produced and designed by Rob Stiff.Objective of the puzzle is to free the ring locked on the metal bolt. It is...

USD 160.00
shacker7 (10 )

8 bids   Closed

Maze Cube

Maze Cubeby Yavuz Demirhancondtion: great, no flaws

USD 300.00
gergo (198 )

1 bid   Closed

Den 2 by Osanori

Den 2 Designed and produced by Osanori Yamamoto. I accidentally requested and purchased a second puzzle that I already have in my collection. So therefore I will sell th...

USD 32.00
Joshualc9 (98 )

3 bids   Closed

Clockwork by Dan Fast

Clockwork designed by Dan Fast and produced by Alfons Eyckmans. Copy#1 signed. The puzzles tolerances are loose. But still in very good working condition. The puzzle inc...

USD 70.00
Joshualc9 (98 )

5 bids   Closed

File Box # 1 by Yavuz

File Box #1 designed and produced by Yavuz Demirhan.I solved the puzzle a few times then I stored it away. It’s still in outstanding condition. With little to no sign o...

USD 88.69
Joshualc9 (98 )

3 bids   Closed

Fast Maze 0 by Dan Fast

Fast maze zero by Dan fast produced by Cubicdissection. The puzzle is still in the original box with little to no sign of wear. I’m messed around with the puzzle a lit...

USD 38.00
Joshualc9 (98 )

10 bids   Closed

Popplock T9

You are bidding on a very rare masterpiece of Rainer Popp. The Popplock T9.The lock is fully working and in a very good condition.Complete with key, description and box.T...

USD 3,000.00
lnino (2 )

6 bids   Closed

Naked secret box RED by Akio Yamamoto

This is naked secret box "RED" by Akio Yamamoto. This the version: IPP34 (exchange puzzle by Meiko Kimura - London 2014). The object is to open the box but as ...

USD 40.00
Robb8765 (31 )

1 bid   Closed

Tribord by Stéphane Chomine

This is Tribord by Stéphane Chomine. It is gorgeous with nice constrasting woods.Kevin Sadler wrote about this puzzles: “Tribord consists of just 3 burr sticks in a r...

USD 60.00
Robb8765 (31 )

1 bid   Closed

Hexahedron In a Cage by Osho (Naoyuki Iwase)

Hexahedron In a Cage by Osho (Naoyuki Iwase). This is a fun one. Remove the Hexahadron from the frame. Unique with an elegant solution.A little about myself and the puzzl...

USD 74.00
CanMan (142 )

21 bids   Closed

Bonanza (free the coin), IPP16 exchange puzzle Don Kucera

Bonanza by Don Kucera. An IPP16 exchange puzzle. The object is to free the coin. The condition of the puzzle is just ok. The sticker with the puzzle name and maker is com...

USD 102.00
CanMan (142 )

10 bids   Closed


Puzzle functions well and has been solved multiple times. Wait until after shipping has been calculated to pay. If you have any questions, let me know!Description below:O...

USD 84.99
dempsey961 (3 )

1 bid   Closed



USD 150.00
stephen (129 )

1 bid   Closed

Houdini’s Torture Cell

Houdini Torture cell - Brian young - brass versionGood condition - brass just needs polished up. Otherwise great condition. Comes with original box and paperwork. All my...

USD 90.00
Usher (36 )

7 bids   Closed


Tritalon designed by Hirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro) and produced by Wil Strijbos.The goal is to remove the coin. Not a terribly difficult puzzle but a clever and nice looking...

USD 365.00
josiah1221 (52 )

19 bids   Closed

Jammed Gem by Frederic Boucher & Eric Fuller (RPP)

Jammed Gem is the latest Sequential Discovery collaboration between Frederic Boucher and Eric Fuller. The pair knew that any follow-up to ResQ would have to up the ante. ...

USD 435.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

15 bids   Closed

Mini Lock by Christophe Lohe

Mini Lock by Christoph Lohe. This copy is 3d printed by Andrew Crowell. A little about myself and the puzzles. I am a solver / collector. I try to collect various types ...

USD 14.99
CanMan (142 )

1 bid   Closed

Free Me 3

Selling my brother Andy's Free Me puzzle series collection.  As with all the Free Me puzzles, the goal is to remove the Kennedy Half Dollar coin.Background Information: ...

USD 415.00
jgtpuzzlr (20 )

21 bids   Closed