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Vintage Key Maze (Free the Key)

This is a vintage puzzle with great patina known as Key Maze by Oscar Van Deventer. It is also known as “Free the Key”, “Sheriff’s Key” and “Oscar’s Key”!...

USD 21.11
Mr_neal (50 )

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Kumiki Kangaroo

A traditional Kumiki Kangaroo.

USD 32.00
Pottypuzzles (28 )

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Kumiki Mouse

A traditional Kumiki Mouse. The leather tail is still attached and appears original.Base on a traditional Kumiki construction.

USD 38.00
Pottypuzzles (28 )

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Kumiki Pig

A traditional Pig Kumiki

USD 15.00
Pottypuzzles (28 )

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Rare: Sologame (1978, Netherlands)

Vintage, rare, handheld, one-player puzzle game from the Netherlands.Sologame is a solitaire strategy puzzle with black and white marbles that can flip/rotate but are lo...

USD 47.00
TheRammer (29 )

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This set of 36 triangular tiles was copyrighted by Parker Brothers in 1939. Although the instructions say it is a (domino-like) game for 2 to 7 players, there are also ru...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Geo-Logic Set of Three Puzzles

Three plastic 3-D puzzles are included in this lot. Included is a brochure with solutions and the following text:All STAR-ART Geo-Logic Puzzles have 6 pieces; for each pu...

USD 191.00
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Vintage Kumiki Dog Puzzle

This vintage puzzle consists of 15 wooden pieces that fit snugly into the cardboard box. The object is to form the animal pictured on the cover by cleverly interlocking t...

USD 37.00
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Tri-N-Do-It Vintage Puzzle

Challenging vintage disassembly puzzle from the 1940s. Measures approximately 3 inches to a side and half an inch thick. Patented by John D. Boyle in 1940. The wood defin...

USD 32.00
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Stumpers Puzzle

Puzzle consists of a board with 12 holes and six pegs. Three of the pegs are dark and three are light colored. Two of the light colored pegs are short. The goal is to shu...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (38 )

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1929 Adams' Block Puzzle [418-532]

Six piece antique puzzle as shown, believed to be from 1929. In excellent condition, with original box and insert paperwork.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE(...

USD 35.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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The Double Cross Puzzle [418-461]

Six piece antique puzzle as shown. One piece engraved as shown.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE(s) will be added to the Winner's shipment as follows:$1 to ...

USD 35.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Ellipso by Naef [410-154]

An offering from Naef, always enjoyable to handle and play with these.Mahalo!International Shipping AVAILABLE - see Shipping tab for detailsNOTE - Winning bidder will be ...

USD 55.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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XL-25 Electronic Vintage Puzzle

Very cool electronic puzzle - Similar to Lights Out but released before it! Tested and working. Comes with original box and packaging!

USD 56.00
nalpak (191 )

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Clown Kumiki puzzle

A vintage kumiki puzzle, sold by Shackman, but made in Japan.Complete with original instructions and the original box (some damage to box).

USD 75.00
Pottypuzzles (28 )

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Wil Strijbos - Jugo Flower

Wil Strijbos - Jugo FlowerExcellent Condition

USD 930.00
Andrew.Fabian (15 )

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Fire Iron puzzle, cast iron, 1900-1920

Fire Iron puzzle from about 1900-1920, cast iron. Weighs 1 ounce before packing.

tomjolly (119 )

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The World's Puzzle, ©1886

Wood block with 36 holes. Object is to place 6 pins in such a way that no 2 pins are in the same row, column or diagonal. There is a hole in the side of the block for the...

BruceWhitehill (33 )

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Krazee links endless chain puzzle

Original Krazee links endless chain puzzle<br><br>From way back, possibly even 1939, comes this very nice puzzle.<br>Complete in...

mimetag (106 )

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Ferguson's Paradox

<div>This was Peter Hajek's exchange puzzle at IPP29...</div><div>it is an unusual object...  Original design from ...

DerekBosch (159 )

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