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The aim of this puzzle is to take apart the three board burrs out of the cage and put them back. The level is 14.4.7Designed by Tamas Vanyo and produced by Yavuz Demirha...

USD 192.00
tynods (134 )

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Tower Puzzle (Exchange Puzzle IPP 37)

“Tower Puzzle” This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Vladimir Krasnoukhof for the International Puzzle Party 37 held in Paris, France 2017   Objective: ...

USD 27.00
HvdZon (32 )

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Oskar's Maze

Hello,I want to sell Oskar's Maze which was desigend by Oskar Deventer and crafted by Eureka.Shipping can be combined if you are winning more than one of my auctions. Th...

USD 55.00
P0diceps (109 )

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Transmission (Exchange Puzzle IPP 25)

“Transmission” This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Oskar van Deventer for the International Puzzle Party 25 held in Helsinki, Finland 2005 Objective / Description...

USD 25.00
HvdZon (32 )

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Mini Solitaire - Toyo Glass

Mini Solitaire from the Toyo Glass Puzzle CollectionThis is a version of the classic peg solitaire game.  Set up the board with the 9 glass marbles and one space empty....

USD 23.00
fluorescein (43 )

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Boom Box - Tyler Williams

One of Tyler Williams first puzzles I believe.Boom BoxTyler WilliamsBeards Wood Shop Co.

USD 240.00
Ogie (18 )

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DIESD is a Rune Cube style SD puzzle with approximately 23 stepsThere are locks to open and discoveries to make. Only with careful observation and exploration will you be...

USD 55.00
IronMan (9 )

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Box with Two Balls

Creative and unusual puzzle designed by Christoph Lohe and made by Brian Menold.The goal is simple : Remove the two steel balls from the box. The wood pieces inside the ...

USD 124.00
tynods (134 )

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Pentangular Jam Puzzle by Hirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro)

Hello,i want to sell the puzzle "Pentangular Jam Puzzle" designed by Hirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro) and crafted by philos.The goal of the puzzle is to remove the ...

USD 20.00
P0diceps (109 )

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Hexangular Jam Puzzle by Hirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro)

Hello,i want to sell the puzzle "Hexangular Jam Puzzle" designed by Hirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro) and crafted by philos.The goal of the puzzle is to remove the d...

USD 43.00
P0diceps (109 )

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Nemo - Radek Micopulos

- on the theme of Jules Verne - movable periscope - including bag - game pad - search for hidden clues - requires the use of the Internet   On the theme of Jules V...

USD 135.00
Ogie (18 )

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Free The Five

Free the five puzzle is in working condition, at the same quality that it was sold to me by the builder.

USD 74.00
arcwoodpuzzles (13 )

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Propellor - Roger D

Beautiful puzzle from Roger D. Goal is to spin the propellor around. A bit on the easier side, but fun for sure!

USD 150.00
nlondon (18 )

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3 The Peg

The quality of this puzzle blew me away. There is also a step I've never seen before that speaks to the quality of the craftsmanship. Here is the description from the pro...

USD 210.00
therigaletto (18 )

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Burr Bank

I'm not a burr person myself but I absolutely LOVED this hybrid burr/sequential discovery puzzle from Andrew Crowell (ARC Puzzles). Here is what his site says about the p...

USD 150.00
therigaletto (18 )

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Virus I SPP - BNIB!

A fairly rare super fun sliding piece puzzle with 3 challenges!This is one of the best sliding piece puzzles ever made.Brand new in original packaging this falls into the...

USD 20.00
mimetag (79 )

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PyraCircle IPP28

This extremely interesting take on the Tpwers of Hanoi was exchanged at the IPP28, created by Hendrik Haak.I found this extremely difficult but I'm sure there is better l...

USD 75.00
PuzzlingTime (48 )

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Visayas, Mindanao and Aguinaldo – Rex Rossano Perez

I am selling as a set Visayas, Mindanao and Aguinaldo by Rex Rossano PerezAguinaldo by Rex Rossano Perez:Goal is to remove the coin.No due force is needed to solve the ...

USD 100.00
zd (17 )

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mimosa is a 'sequential movement take apart' puzzle designed and made by me. It is made of laser-cut wood and acrylic. the goal of the puzzle is to remove the object from...

USD 90.00
abhishekruikar (8 )

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Numlock by Pit Khiam Goh / Johan Heyns, Jack Krijnen

Numlock N-ary puzzle from Johan Heynsdesigned by Pit Khiam Gohcrafted by Johan Heyns and Jack Krijnenmaterials: Cherry, Tulipwood, African Teaksize: 30 x 15 x 5 cmconditi...

USD 465.00
gergo (151 )

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