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Stack-Up 4x4 & 4x5 (IPP14) [424-851]

From 1994, this is a 2 puzzle lot from IPP14, one of the earliest exchanges.2 interlocking foam puzzles 4x4 and 4x5 shapes.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE(s...

USD 23.00
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Tiger Triple Teaser Sliding Block Puzzle Set IPP19 [408-663]

Wayne Daniel crafted this beautiful sliding puzzle set in 1999 as an exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London.From the original package: "The Tiger Triple Teaser consist...

USD 49.00
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Orange Puzzle by Nob Yoshigahara [428-827]

From the NOB Collection - Orange Puzzle (GPZ-011) designed by the renowned Nob Yoshigahara, produced in 2006.8 wedge/spindle pieces in hard plastic arrange into a compl...

USD 45.00
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Closterman 5×5×5 Cube #6 Super [403-480]

*RARE* 2008 Closterman 5×5×5 Cube #6 Super Walnut (CU-6-125-11-2)Don's designs are infamous for the complexity of design and smooth operation.  Note the superb ed...

USD 201.00
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Wausau 84 (1A-11) [403-054]

A beautiful burr design with excellent shelf appeal. Another Cutler classic with excellent McFarland craftsmanship. 15 pieces. Labeled "#13, 1987 McFarland".Abo...

USD 56.00
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VINCOXIV by Vinco (IPP25) [418-958]

Vaclav Obsivac aka Vinco designed and created this unique puzzle in 2005, and Mike Hawthorne exchanged it at IPP25 in Helsinki.Object is to assemble the 7 double-sphere ...

USD 43.00
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Three Wedges by Vinco (IPP26) [418-816]

Nine different hardwoods used in 8 unique pieces!Vaclav Obsivac aka Vinco designed and created this unique puzzle in 2006, and Patrick Major exchanged it at IPP26 in Bos...

USD 39.00
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The Delta Puzzle (IPP26) [419-242]

Novichkova designed and Krasnoukhov created this unique puzzle in 2006, Irina exchanged it at IPP26 in Boston.Object is to assemble the 6 unique double-element pieces...

USD 101.00
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Devil's Half Doven (IPP23) by Pavel Curtis [428-259]

Devil's Half Doven from 2003, designed and exchanged by Pavel Curtis at Chicago IPP 23.7 pieces in wood; pieces are new in wrap. With original box, instructions an...

USD 93.00
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Closterman 5×5×5 Cage [404-048]

*RARE* 2006 Closterman 5×5×5 Cage Tropical Canarywood (C-3-125-9-6)Don's designs are infamous for the complexity of design and smooth operation.  Note the superb...

USD 240.00
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Closterman 6×6×6 Cage [403-977]

*RARE* 2006 Closterman 6×6×6 Cage Exotic Canarywood (C-6-216-14-17)Don's designs are infamous for the complexity of design and smooth operation.  Note the superb...

USD 296.00
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Timonen's Burr 5 (IPP23) [423-857]

Vesa Timonen designed and Tomas Linden crafted this exchange puzzle in maple for exchange it at IPP23 in Chicago.Face of one piece is nicely engraved with puzzle info...

USD 29.00
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Simple Sharp by Stephane Chomine [426-484]

Simple Sharp by Stephane Chomine, 4 pieces interlock in a manner more complicated than expected to form this "simple" shape.  2013 release from Pelikan.  Sha...

USD 65.00
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All Five (Platonic Solids) by Wayne Daniel [423-289]

37 pieces total, combine to form successively larger platonic solids.  A very rare and unique nesting puzzles within puzzle.  Extremely well crafted, five hedrons in o...

USD 299.00
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Boxy Twins by Juno [424-212]

Junichi Yananose aka Juno designed and crafted (it's really gorgeous!) this 12 piece 3D packing puzzle with 12 different challenges.  Designed in 1998, NIB as show...

USD 300.00
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Hidden Pentominoes by Fuller [409-231]

Only 32 copies, a very unusual and fun design.Master craftsman Eric Fuller said: "I really liked the meta aspect of a set of pentominos hiding inside a larger set, b...

USD 192.00
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Octopuz (IPP26) by Gillen [423-928]

10 tetrominoes, in 5 pairs joined by a rotational joint, assemble into a 5x4x2 solid.  An excellent "twist" on an interlocking puzzle. See if you have what it ...

USD 27.00
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Two & Four (IPP29) by Wayne Daniel [422-650]

Well made, compact puzzle solid from Wayne Daniel. Zebrawood?2009 exchange from M. Reis at San Francisco IPP29.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE(s) will be ad...

USD 77.00
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Piston Box by Marcel Gillen [426-910]

The Piston Box puzzle (also known as Internal Combustion and Pandora's Box), invented by Tadao Muroi and designed by Marcel Gillen. Designed in the early 1990s. This...

USD 145.00
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Ball Puzzle by Charles Perry [555-185]

Stunning and rare example of Charles O. Perry's famous 1967 puzzle design.  6 pieces in brass, hand-signed.  Like new in velvet pouch. Solution is included.Biograp...

USD 200.00
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