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Huge Twisty Puzzle 3x3 Cube Lot x29 Cubes!

HUGE Lot of x29 cubesx15 - sealed ShengShou Wind 3x3x3 Cubes - White Color - great for sticker mods!-x4 Mini Party Favor 3x3x3s - poor quality but cool for modsx6 - Mini ...

USD 18.00
nalpak (54 )

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3x3x3 Unequal Cube Mods x2 w/ Custom Stickers - Shapeshifting!

A short cube, and a tall cube - these mods shapeshift! Made from Unequal cubes. Very cool mods with custom stickers!

USD 6.00
nalpak (54 )

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Lot of x7 Solitaire Puzzles Pussycat, River Crossing, Bowling, More!

Lot of x7 Solitaire Puzzles-Pussycat Solitar - w/ box-Mag-Nif Luck Out - w/ box-River Crossing-Golf Tee Solitaire-Bowling - sealed-2 Golf Tee style solitaire

USD 10.00
nalpak (54 )

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Toyo Glass Mysterious Coin Impossible Object

Excellent condition! Box is in moderate condition. How did the arrow get through the coin??

USD 15.00
nalpak (54 )

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Triple Tango

PRODUCED:46 CopiesDESIGNER:Jerry LooCRAFTSMAN:Eric FullerMATERIAL:Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, AcrylicCOMMENTS:I don't normally make flat puzzles, but this one by Jerry ...

USD 141.00
KeeZor (18 )

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USD 200.00
KeeZor (18 )

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Atomic Chaos Marble Puzzle

Atomic Chaos - Marble sequential movement/dexterity puzzle

USD 39.00
nalpak (54 )

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Jumping Wooden Solitaire

Vintage looking jumping solitaire wooden puzzle - Origins unknown - Nice condition

USD 8.00
nalpak (54 )

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A wonderful tricky interlocking puzzle based on triangular prism. Has 19 steps to dissamble the puzzle. The puzzle is for beginners but also for experienced puzzlers.Yo...

USD 15.50
pucu (109 )

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Zen Puzzle

Very rare and hard to find original Zen Puzzle by Charles Perry. Made of brass and delrin. Very good condition overall with only a very tiny chip on one of the edges of o...

JerryLoo (30 )

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Wil Strijbos Coke Bottle #1 Puzzle

Wil Strijbos Coke Bottle #1 - Excellent condition

USD 55.00
nalpak (54 )

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Toyo Glass Puzzle Pick Em Up Dexterity w/ Box

Includes all original packaging, marbles, and box! 

USD 18.00
nalpak (54 )

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Secret Opening Book

<div>while not a difficult puzzle, it is incredibly made, as is expected by Kagen Sound (nee Schaefer).</div><div>comes with instructions for replacing ...

DerekBosch (98 )

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Interlocking Packing Puzzle - IPP17 souvenir

Six pieces need to be packed into the box. &nbsp;IPP souvenir by Matti Linkola.<br><object type="cosymantecnisbfw" cotype="cs" id="S...

JerryMcFarland (23 )

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Stepping Burr

6-piece level 10 burr 

USD 30.00
saul (8 )

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Havana Box #1 'The Chris'

<p><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;">Description from Cubic Dissection website:</span></p><p align="center"...

Andrew.Fabian (13 )

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Flag Jigsaw

<DIV>2 layer jigsaw with Union Jack on both sides. Some damage to paper. </DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>40 pieces.</DIV>

Pottypuzzles (13 )

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Klaas Jan 23 (pure redheart copy)

A really challenging puzzle (28 moves to remove the first piece). A few copies were available in different shell and piece wood combinations. This is a unique copy where ...

USD 100.00
kickaha (10 )

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Doors and Drawers

This 2012 IPP design competition entry  hasn't gotten as much love and attention from me as it deserves, so I'm offering it up for sale to someone more dese...

USD 220.00
rzvvl2 (46 )

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835 combinations puzzle

this is an unusual polyform puzzle.&nbsp; not sure of its origins - pack all of the pieces in the tray provided<br>buyer is responsible for all shipping expense...

DerekBosch (98 )

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