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Stewart Coffin - Few Tile by Stewart Coffin

Stewart Coffin wooden tray puzzle: "Few Tiles."  Fit the four pieces into the tray. The tray opening is not square.  Each of the piec...

RonZezima (10 )

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Puzzle for Daughter - designer MINE - IPP29 Exchange

This is a very nice little "fit the pieces in the tray" puzzle, called "Puzzle for Daughter" designed by MINE for the IPP29 puzzle exchange. There are...

tomjolly (105 )

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Naked RED

A fun puzzle to play with. Everything is there for you to see and the objective is to figure out how to open the box.

USD 108.00
First123 (3 )

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A wonderful interlocking puzzle

USD 31.00
pucu (86 )

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KidO Marble Maze Plastic Pigs in Clover

Cool plastic version of pigs in clover - Very difficult! 

USD 2.00
nalpak (12 )

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XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze

XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze. An interesting variation on the metal ball-in-a-cubic maze. Plastic. 

tomjolly (105 )

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13th Labour of Hercules puzzle

Pentangle games 36 piece version of the Altekruse puzzle.&nbsp; Very nicely made.<br><br>buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and money transfer...

DerekBosch (94 )

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Third Stellation in Four Colurs

Six piece typical diagonal burr creating a beautiful shape. Well known Stewart Coffin design with four solutions giving colour symmetry.I made a handful of these for frie...

USD 85.00
jfreedman (13 )

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Bits and Pieces Hoffman Wooden Keys

Reproduction of a classic Hoffman puzzle - Wooden Keys - Remove the keys from the circle - Comes with original box and instructions and solution!Excellent condition!

USD 28.00
nalpak (12 )

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Interlocking Star Burr Puzzle Set x2

Set of 2 interlocking star type puzzles - One has a chipped corner but still assembles well.

USD 16.00
nalpak (12 )

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Half-Finished Box-Hiroshi Iwahara

Iwahara's 2012 Karakuri Club Christmas Present.&nbsp; There are 2 compartments.&nbsp; The first is easy to find.&nbsp; The second, not easy at all.

jchiou (25 )

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Nested Burr Four

Ishino Keiichiro's Nested Burr Four, made by Eric Fuller, is a quality piece of work. The fit is so good it took me ages to find the first two moves! Thirteen moves ...

dickerdixon (53 )

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Pneumatic Box

The mechanism inside has been improved. The way to open it is the same. You will certainly be able to open this box.Created : 08/2008Although he says you can always open ...

USD 470.00
jfreedman (13 )

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Eccentric Pentominoes

Presented by Bill Cutler at IPP37 Puzzle Exchsnge.

USD 20.00
dcameron (21 )

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This is an interesting lock puzzle that is actually designed as a game.&nbsp; One person sets the combination by choosing which of the green sliders slide into the gr...

jchiou (25 )

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The Puzzle Museum Vol 03 Lupin the 3rd & Daisuke Jigen

"Challenge the puzzle and Save Lupin and Jigen from the trap"The puzzle itself is in excellent condition. This one comes complete with packaging and has never b...

USD 71.00
Steve (28 )

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Don't Shout Box

A  clever puzzle box. The second offering by Phil Tomlinson. Includes original box, instructions and care guide and solution

USD 415.00
jfreedman (13 )

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Michelin Man Motorcycle Assembly Puzzle - Red Version w/ Bag RARE!!

Very cool vintage Michelin Man assembly puzzle! Excellent condition with original Michelin bag!

USD 45.00
nalpak (12 )

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Stacking Cups

(made from 1/8" thick laser cut plastic, board 2 layers, pieces 1 layer, 3.6" x 6.75" x 1/4") <br><br> The following pages show solution...

pucu (86 )

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4PCMP Cross

<span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"></span...

Vinco (8 )

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