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A symmetric (when fully assembled) and beautiful puzzle made by Pelikan that's not too hard even when assembling.Due to technical problems in uploading a photo, the ...

USD 50.00
kickaha (5 )

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Topless Box

<span style="color: rgb(100, 92, 83); font-family: Arial; font-size: large; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); ">Eric's Description: Several years...

DanielScher (31 )

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Vintage 6 Sun 40 move Zougan Puzzle Box

<div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="border-spacing: 3px; font-size: 19px; font-family: Arial; ">Vintage 6Sun 40 move Zougan with tw...

EricFuller (110 )

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The Pharaoh's Secret

The Pharaoh's Secret designed by Perry McDaniel and Norman L Sandfield was made for IPP 18 in Japan, 1998.Near mint played only once this was received by me new. I p...

USD 221.00
ghxost (3 )

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Reactor (Puzzle Box Only; Copy #1)

This auction is for a copy of the Reactor Box only - NO B-BOX!  Only a couple of these available.RELEASED:8.24.2016PRODUCED:88 CopiesDESIGNER:Eric FullerCRAFTSMAN:Eric F...

USD 151.00
EricFuller (110 )

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Oscar's Matchboxes

In good condition. &nbsp;Manufacturer unknown.

j7727 (9 )

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4 Piece hedgehog jigsaw

<DIV>Similar to the 4 piece jigsaw, but much larger and in the shape of a hedgehog. </DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Not difficult.</D...

Pottypuzzles (13 )

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Vintage Plastic Cube Dexterity Lot x12

Lot of x12 Vintage Cube Dexterity PuzzlesInteresting designs, each with their own objectives - Mostly moving little plastic parts around

USD 4.00
nalpak (12 )

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Binary Arts 8 Ball Sliding & Dexterity Puzzle

Very cool Binary Arts puzzle - Get the billiards balls in order!

USD 34.00
nalpak (12 )

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Rolling Pin-(T)okyo: Marcel Gillen Puzzle

Rolling Pin-(T)okyoMarcel's exchange puzzle from IPP21 held in Tokyo, The goal is to take the rolling pin apart and then put it together again.The rolling pin is abo...

USD 211.00
Steve (28 )

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Railroad Train Switching Puzzle

Railroad Train Switching Puzzle, excellent condition, from Bits and Pieces (#07-7151). Includes original box, instructions, and of course the puzzle. A reproduction of th...

tomjolly (112 )

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Stickman #28 - Edelweiss Box

A lovely puzzle box by William Waite, and Rob (so nice he must be a serial killer) Yarger.This is #92 of 100. Booklet included.Ps buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.

USD 425.00
Christo (13 )

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Triple V

An interesting 9 piece burr design with unusual cuts by designer Guy Brette.&nbsp; The solution is only 3.2.1, so it was shipped unassembled by&nbsp;Eric.&nbs...

ShootingStar (11 )

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Kinoko Box - Karakuri HS17-3

Kinoko Box by Kyoko Hoshino, from Karakuri Group, 2016.

USD 120.00
tomjolly (112 )

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Canal House

This one is a real beauty and is equally a really impressive work of art and a tough puzzle (30 moves to remove 1 piece). It's hard. You've been warned.Due to t...

USD 200.00
kickaha (5 )

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The SCACCO F.R. OPAL Puzzle Chess Set

This 4th version (2014) will be limited to an edition of 1000 copies (without certificates). Accurately made in translucent plastic (methacrylate) it provides a very inex...

USD 130.00
DerekBosch (95 )

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High quality Pelikan craftsmanship (as always).  Once completed sides spell "P O P P", in recognition of Rainer PoppBuyer pays PayPal fees

USD 70.00
W.Steedly (5 )

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Star of David- Improved Version

Stewart Coffin's Star of David design (#37-A) made of cocobolo, a true rosewood.&nbsp; Six non-symmetrical pieces that assemble three different ways, some with a...

M.McCallum (10 )

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Changing Partners

Four convoluted shapes of which ANY two can be interlaced to fit into one half of the box, leaving the other two pieces to do the same and fit into the other compartment,...

USD 151.38
dickerdixon (57 )

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Four Cross Twelve

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 24pt; "><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family...

EricFuller (110 )

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