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First Design

This 20-piece burr puzzle was the first burr designed by Bill Cutler. The key piece has a ball-bearing pressure joint to prevent it from coming out too easily. 

USD 57.00
saul (8 )

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Two Face 3 by Alfons Eyckmans (5)

An exciting idea by Alfons, the Two Face Three puzzle combines six standard burr pieces with an unusual cage. The outer cage contains an inner shuttle cage that articulat...

USD 186.00
CubicdissectionExtras (40 )

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Cricket Box D [405-042]

High quality, hand made, beautifully finished and decorated cricket box, made from hardwood, acquired in Shanghai.  See specifications for measurements.  These boxes ar...

USD 1.00
HoneyBadger (36 )

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In excellent condition. comes with 40 problems and instruction<br><br>shipping cost &lt; 1kg is 12 us dollar<br>

pucu (119 )

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Caged Knot - Level 13.2

Caged Knot from Pelikan's shop. 3 "knot" pieces in a cage, level 13.2, the highest level of this piece configuration, according to Ishino's site. This...

tomjolly (112 )

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Haleslock 5 Fire Starter [550-294]

Puzzle lock #5 by master locksmith Shane Hales. This model features a very unique cylindrical lock and is a very fun and challenging multi-step solve.  Includes key and ...

USD 310.00
HoneyBadger (36 )

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Swing Lock [402-060]

Puzzle lock enthusiasts, take note!Splinter designed and crafted this lock to mystify.  Perhaps the name has something to do with it...  See if you have what it takes t...

USD 380.00
HoneyBadger (36 )

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Popplock T3 [400-924]

Popplock T3 (2nd edition) in excellent condition, including Rainer's original instruction booklet. For complete photos/details, please visit: https://www.popplock.co...

USD 525.00
HoneyBadger (36 )

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6 Sun 54 move Okiyama Box

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 24pt; "><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family...

EricFuller (118 )

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Entrelacs by Defi-Ju

<DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>Clever 16 pc put-together cube puzzle&nbsp;designed by Patrick Farvacque (Defi-Ju).&nbsp; 10 of the p...

rzvvl2 (50 )

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Giltig 3D IKEA Jigsaw Puzzle RARE Eyeball Version

Complete 3D Ikea eyeball spherical puzzle w/ box!

USD 10.00
nalpak (64 )

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Octopy Ball Type A+ (Red 4.6cm) (Benedetti/Shapeways)

<p style="line-height: 150%" align="JUSTIFY" lang="en-US"><span style="font-family: Comic Sans MS,cursive;"><span s...

Gregory (12 )

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This is a very nice box by Fumio Tsuburai.  It is a coin bank and has yosegi on the top.

USD 125.00
ldytweety1 (8 )

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Remove the coin.

USD 80.00
DanielScher (43 )

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Dove tail cube set

Dovetail cube set Cubes 1, 2, and 3.Made by Wil strijbos .

USD 122.00
puzzleplumber (37 )

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Holey Astigmatism

<div>from billcutlerpuzzles.com:<br><br>Stewart Coffin started making 6-piece burrs with pieces which did not follow the normal orthogonal rules. This...

DerekBosch (104 )

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Huge Twisty Puzzle 3x3 Cube Lot x29 Cubes!

HUGE Lot of x29 cubesx15 - sealed ShengShou Wind 3x3x3 Cubes - White Color - great for sticker mods!-x4 Mini Party Favor 3x3x3s - poor quality but cool for modsx6 - Mini ...

USD 18.00
nalpak (64 )

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Hidden Pentominoes [409-231]

Only 32 copies, a very unusual and fun design.Master craftsman Eric Fuller said: "I really liked the meta aspect of a set of pentominos hiding inside a larger set, b...

USD 1.00
HoneyBadger (36 )

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Hikimi Hide The Animal NEW

The goal of this puzzle is to insert indiviual Animal Cards into the puzzle. With 4 beautiful various wood pieces, attempt to hide all of the animals leaving NONE uncover...

USD 18.00
nalpak (64 )

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10 similar pieces of 4 tetras<br>Explodes during spinning<br>Woods are Mahogany, Silky Oak, Tassie Oak, Red Gum<br>Interior is Aromatic Camphor, each co...

hamseng (14 )

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