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River Crossing Bepuzzled Logic Puzzle

Very cool visual models to help you solve a classic river crossing puzzle! Excellent condition!

USD 8.00
nalpak (85 )

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Havana Box #1

Havana Box # 1 made by Eric Fuller. This box has a brilliant locking mechanism and in very good condition. The wood quality is excellent and this puzzle is very rare to f...

USD 416.00
First123 (9 )

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Kinoko Box

Kinoko Box design by Kyoko Hoshino has a clever locking mechanism that can be seen once the box is open and it will look nice sitting in any room of the house because the...

USD 130.00
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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge puzzle design by Stephan Baumegger won Top 10 Vote Getters at IPP37 in Paris, France. This puzzle has a nice locking mechanism and a couple of good A-Ha! mom...

USD 190.00
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Penultimate Burr Box Set

This burr box set has many hours of play time for assembly of different burr puzzles. You can look at cubicdissection.com’s website to read further about this puzzle. A...

USD 550.00
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