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SEARious Burr

Edward Hordern IPP23 Puzzle Exchange – Chicago, USA. August 2003. Presented by Brian Young.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Brian Young.full description pag...

USD 325.00
tynods (52 )

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Boron by Donald Osselaer (RPP)

Boron is a moderately difficult puzzle that displays like a piece of sculpture once it's solved. The 12 pieces are made with contrasting hardwoods and precision-craf...

USD 30.00
CubicdissectionExtras (89 )

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IRMO Box - Eric Fuller

<p>From the official description:</p><table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="5"><tbody><tr><td width=&q...

jchiou (29 )

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Ternary Burr

Description from cubicdissection :"This puzzle is a groundbreaking and highly anticipated design. Only 30 copies have ever been made in the past, and Brian at Mr. ...

USD 410.00
Gregory (34 )

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6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.Strap is (in my mind) an interesting successor to Alkema's Clamp puzzle. The two pie...

USD 115.00
KeeZor (39 )

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Mathematical Puzzles and Pastimes, 1957, Phillip Haber

This little book (62 pages) from 1957 is in very good condition with an unexpectedly nice dust jacket; a little dirty, however (see photo). Cover price on the DJ is $1.00...

tomjolly (114 )

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4-ring & 5-ring horseshoes puzzle

4-ring and 5-ring variations of the classic horseshoes puzzle. The goal is to remove and replace all rings.Three-ring horseshoes puzzle offered in another lot.

USD 15.00
saul (8 )

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Sequential Discovery Burred Box

From pluredro.comThis six-piece burr shaped puzzle happens to have a small cavity or compartment and it requires sequential discovery movements to access the cavity using...

USD 1,150.00
ateThousands (5 )

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Stickman No. 20 (Lighthouse)

<DIV style="TEXT-INDENT: 0.5in; MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal align=left><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Times New Roman; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; mso-bi...

Stickmanbox (11 )

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Unhappy Adolescence puzzle

Unhappy Adolescence was Nob Yoshigahara's exchange puzzle for IPP19 in london, 1999.The goal is to assemble the 7 heptomino's and a single peg into the box.Ther...

USD 35.00
Louis (6 )

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Crisscross Flatrick

<span style="font-size: 10pt;"><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;"><span style="font-size: 10pt;"></span...

Vinco (8 )

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Bill Cutler - Visible Burr by Jerry McFarland

Most burrs are designed so the solver cannot see and notches.&nbsp; Bill designed this puzzle so the solver could see the notches. This helps to analyze the solution ...

toml942 (5 )

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Puzzle Lot x3 Magic 16 Prankfurter & Sphere Assembly

Lot of x3 puzzlesMagic 16 - new in packaging, spherical tetris like assembly puzzlePrankfurter - hot dog assembly puzzle, one piece is missing but still assembles into ho...

USD 8.00
nalpak (75 )

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A Plugged Well

<SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: #1a1a1a; FONT-SIZE: 13pt">This sequential discovery puzzle was designed and&nbsp;crafted by Brian Young (IPP D...

ShootingStar (11 )

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Phred's Phenomenon, by Fred Armitage, made by Schweitzer

Phred's Phenomenon, by Fred Armintage, made by Bernhard Schweitzer. It's advertised as a 4x4x4 hollow cube, but in fact it has a solid 2x2x2 cube in the center!...

tomjolly (114 )

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Havana Box #1 'The Chris'

<p><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;">Description from Cubic Dissection website:</span></p><p align="center"...

Andrew.Fabian (13 )

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An unusual Vinco 4-piece wood puzzle in the shape of an icosahedron.&nbsp; IPP30 exchange puzzle, duplicate copy.<br>

GeorgeBell (44 )

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Diagonal Cube

<div><span style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">A very nicely made diagonal cube by John Devost. &nbsp;This is a Coffin classic and tough...

EricFuller (119 )

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L-bow Dovetail

L-bow Dovetail was Norman Sandfields exchange puzzle at IPP 19 in London, 1999.This famous puzzle appears impossible to the untrained eye, since its two dovetail joints r...

USD 312.00
Louis (6 )

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B & P Kamei Telescoping Square Box

<DIV><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 18pt; COLOR: #0000cd">Designed by Kamei and manufactured by Bits and Pieces.</SPAN></DIV> <DIV><S...

ahaber (16 )

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