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Einstein puzzle (Six Key Mine reproduction)

Six piece puzzle that won a design competition award at IPP23 in Chicago.<br>This is the Bits &amp; Pieces reproduction<br><br>buyer is responsible ...

DerekBosch (91 )

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XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze

XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze. An interesting variation on the metal ball-in-a-cubic maze. Plastic.&nbsp;

tomjolly (103 )

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A wonderful tricky interlocking puzzle based on triangular prism. Has 19 steps to dissamble the puzzle. The puzzle is for beginners but also for experienced puzzlers.Yo...

USD 15.50
pucu (86 )

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Hi H

Make a capital H usng all 5 pieces.This puzzle is now dry.Ipp 28 exchange Buyer pays Ebay fees

USD 24.00
Pottypuzzles (9 )

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B-Box / Reactor

I bought with but wound up never trying to solve this puzzle.  If payment is by check, I will wait for the check to clear prior to shipping.From Eric Fuller's descr...

USD 400.00
jchiou (24 )

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Trick Padlock #13

One of several Indian Puzzle locks I am selling.  The manufacture of all is best described as rustic.  Some of these locks shows signs of rusting but all are complete a...

USD 62.00
Steve (24 )

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Approachable mid-level take-apart puzzle bt Stephane and Pelikan.  Read Kevin Sadler's comment at https://www.pelikanpuzzles.eu/detail/pontoon/

USD 85.00
dickerdixon (43 )

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DanleyQuest Level 2 Remove The Ring Disentanglement

DanleyQuest Level 2 Remove The Ring Disentanglement w/ original box!

USD 12.00
nalpak (3 )

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RELEASED:11.3.2015PRODUCED:25 CopiesDESIGNER:Yavuz DemirhanCRAFTSMAN:Eric FullerMATERIAL:Walnut, Maple, CherryCOMMENTS:his puzzle was my exchange gift at IPP this year. D...

USD 76.00
EricFuller (110 )

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Bird's Nest Puzzle

This is Nancy Alliegro's IPP27 exchange puzzle, designed by Vladimir Krasnoukov and James Dalgety.&nbsp; Figure out how to remove the bird from its nest!

nstarr (8 )

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<div>interesting 'burr' shape.</div><div>however the movement is incredibly tight, borderline unworkable... &nbsp;</div><div>h...

DerekBosch (91 )

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The booklet contains 137 problems! Has 13 irregular shaped pieces.<br>Pieces are in excellent condition. Only the box and the booklet are in average condition<br...

pucu (86 )

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NOS 7 - Seizaine

The seventh of Greg's N.O.S. burr series.  Please read Eric's description at http://archive.cubicdissection.com/html/seizaine.html

USD 90.00
dickerdixon (43 )

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Impossible Arrow through the Apple

<DIV>A wooden arrow through a wooden&nbsp;apple. Impossible!</DIV> <DIV>-</DIV> <DIV> <DIV>Buyer pays shipping + $3 handling fo...

brianpletcher (20 )

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Spear's Shape Puzzles

This is a set of 6 thick&nbsp;cardboard puzzles. They are all complete and in very good condition. The box lid is bent-in a little in a couple of places front and bac...

tomjolly (103 )

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Tower Puzzle (name not shown)

Fine wood puzzle consists of 5 rotating rings with 4 slots in them and 19 wood balls in 4 colors. Object is to move the rings and change the position of the balls so that...

BruceWhitehill (21 )

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Bill Cutler - Lattice by Jerry McFarland

Lattice is Bill Cutler's earliest difficult-to-take-apart design

toml942 (5 )

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Impossible play card - Angus Lavery

From the 1993 IPP an impossible playing card made by Angus Lavery and given away by Edward Horden.<div><br></div><div><br></div>

Pottypuzzles (9 )

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Two Steps of Drawers

Karakuri Creation Group Xmas present 2008

jfreedman (9 )

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Puzzle of Numbers - sliding block puzzle

<div>Large sliding block puzzle with 31 numbers instead of the usual 15. Attached to cardboard sheet. Near mint.</div><div><br></div><div...

BruceWhitehill (21 )

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