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This is Iwahiro’s Tritalon Puzzle, manufactured by Streetwise several years ago.It is not a difficult puzzle but is a beautiful display piece, and fun to fiddle with.Th...

USD 290.00
Christo (28 )

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Where’s My Hammer

Beautiful sequential discovery puzzle box, finely crafted by Dee Dixon.  In like new condition.   Pairing down my collection; hate to see this go.  Eric writes this ab...

USD 495.00
PuzzDude (40 )

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Domino Tower

 The Domino Tower puzzle was designed by Oskar van Deventer in 1988 and consists of 24 dominoes combined in such a way as to produce 4 identical pieces. This...

PuzzDude (40 )

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Next Floor layered maze

 This puzzle is really interesting.  It's a maze with 4 levels and a very unusual property.  Because of the size of the cutouts and th...

PuzzDude (40 )

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K-419 (23) by Klobucher/Kcube [550-513]

A one-of-a-kind art masterpiece and complex puzzle cube, this Kcube Designs puzzle makes a stunning display piece that will amaze and confound.  Kim Klobucher makes a...

USD 636.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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N°11 16 Puzzles

I need place and money to continue to make my workshop, so Here it's « my first » collection : Most of these puzzles are aro...

Gregory (44 )

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Oskars Matchboxes

 This is my personal copy from the small run of Matchboxes I made several years ago.  It has the unique combination of Aformosa and Zebrawood which was ...

Gregory (44 )

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Fit all eight pieces into the box so that the cubes do not touch each other.  IPP32 exchange puzzle from Stan Isaacs.<a href="http://www.puzzleworld....

GeorgeBell (47 )

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Secret Burr

A tricky burr with an internal lock.  Read Eric's description at https://cubicdissection.com/products/secret-burr

USD 90.00
dickerdixon (158 )

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Jewel Thief - Auminium Puzzle

I am listing a limited edition Jewel Thief Puzzle, #29/100.It’s a Very hard puzzle in my opinion, fun though, and multi-stage.The aim is to free Jewels the thief and th...

USD 2,000.00
Christo (28 )

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Cubes and Ladders

The Cubes & Ladders puzzle represents a pueblo with various houses (cubes) and ladders which allow you to climb the various levels of the pueblo. The goal is to selec...

USD 22.00
DanielScher (61 )

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Erectric Circuit

Beautifully crafted puzzle box with original box and instructions

jfreedman (35 )

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X Cage

Eric's description: X Cage is a brilliant new design that will surely drive you mad. Five simple pieces fit into an attractive cage through the opening in the a...

USD 98.00
DanielScher (61 )

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50 Puzzle LOT -- IPP International Puzzle Party [402-131]

You are bidding on a handpicked lot of 50 individual puzzles exchanged at past IPP's (International Puzzle Party) created by the foremost puzzle designers, craft...

USD 540.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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Beautiful and nicely made puzzle.54 moves (level page : https://www.pelikanpuzzles.eu/detail/perforated/After the end of the auction the final shippi...

USD 148.00
tynods (66 )

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Zebedee - Alfons Eyckmans

Zebedee by Alfons Eyckmans, Level: 58 ( of 7 beautiful cube puzzles I'm offering this round designed and made by Alfo...

USD 135.00
mimetag (58 )

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Trifecta (Cubicdissection)

Disassemble, THEN reassemble with the additional piece included.Cubicdissection description here:  https://cubicdissection.com/products/trifecta?_pos=1&_sid=a4ab517...

USD 115.00
W.Steedly (11 )

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Octo-Burr was Tyler Barretts exchange puzzle at IPP 17 in San Francisco, 1997.This puzzle was designed and made by Stewart Coffin (#110 in his numbering system).The appar...

USD 145.00
Louis (21 )

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Bits and Pieces version of Doug Haig's Lighthouse puzzle. There are two cracks in the acrylic, a few dings here and there, and it is missing the gem. However, th...

USD 70.00
josiah1221 (26 )

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Stepping Burr

Stepping Burr is a very tricky level 10 interlocking burr puzzle. The unconventional nature of the six pieces results in some very unusual movements. Crafted from figured...

USD 40.00
chris_linnick (13 )

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