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The SCACCO F.R. OPAL Puzzle Chess Set

This 4th version (2014) will be limited to an edition of 1000 copies (without certificates). Accurately made in translucent plastic (methacrylate) it provides a very inex...

USD 130.00
DerekBosch (84 )

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Matrix -  Émil Áskerli : 45 (, Pau Marfim and Zebrano for the pieces and Partridge Wood for the frame.The puzzle is 135 x 135 x 135 mm a...

USD 160.00
JohanHeyns (7 )

7 bids  


'Abacus' is an interlocking puzzle. The aim of this game is to take apart the three board burrs out of the cage and put it back.  The level is 14.4.7, that mea...

USD 130.00
rzvvl2 (13 )

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Coming of Age - mk2

This is a very difficult 18 piece burr, designed by Mr Puzzle, and no longer available.<div>Instruction sheet is included. You'll need it&#9786;&#65039...

Christo (12 )

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XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze

XMatrix Cubus 3D marble maze. An interesting variation on the metal ball-in-a-cubic maze. Plastic.&nbsp;

tomjolly (102 )

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12 Piece Separation Canarywood

Stewart Coffin's 12 Pc Separation puzzle (STC #85) made of Canarywood, lacquer finish.&nbsp; Consists of 10 identical pieces, 1 augmented piece, and 1 key piece....

M.McCallum (9 )

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Medallion Maze IPP17

Medallion Maze from IPP17

USD 100.00
nalpak (0)

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Four Corners

Four CornersThis puzzle was designed by Stewart Coffin and crafted by father and son Jeremy and Thomas Moeller of Artifactory Puzzles and I believe it to be Fusion Confu...

USD 46.00
Arc Light (16 )

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Rar (Copy #2)

RELEASED:6.23.2016PRODUCED:50 CopiesDESIGNER:Tamas VanyoCRAFTSMAN:Eric FullerMATERIAL:Maple, Chakte-kokCOMMENTS:RAR! How could I not make a puzzle named after dinosaur so...

USD 55.00
EricFuller (109 )

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Double Loop

Goal: untangle the puzzle and rearrange it to form a 4x4x3 box. 

USD 20.00
saul (6 )

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The Key Puzzle

A souvenir of the 24th International Puzzle Party, Tokyo. Object: Remove the key and put it back. In the 'locked' position all 4 tumblers block the key from bei...

USD 67.28
DanielScher (22 )

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Einstein puzzle (Six Key Mine reproduction)

Six piece puzzle that won a design competition award at IPP23 in Chicago.<br>This is the Bits &amp; Pieces reproduction<br><br>buyer is responsible ...

DerekBosch (84 )

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Odd Repartition

A very unusual 9 piece burr from Gregory Benedetti.a reasonable level 9.13...... s

USD 55.00
DerekBosch (84 )

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Stickman Domino Puzzle box (Stickman Number 16)

I bought this last year, and it's in perfect shape.<br><br>As seen here, <a href="http://www.cubicdissection.com/html/purchase/discont/dominobox....

yanowitz (0)

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Three bartl puzzles

You have to free the ring<br><br><br>Shipping cost is <br> &lt; 500g europe 4.50 $ world 9 $<br...

pucu (86 )

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Trick Padlock #11

One of several Indian Puzzle locks I am selling.  The manufacture of all is best described as rustic.  Some of these locks shows signs of rusting but all are complete a...

USD 46.00
Steve (17 )

9 bids  

Magic 16 - 16 piece sphere puzzle - plastic

Magic 16 - a plastic sphere with imbedded magnets and 16 outer shell pieces (with magnets), from CHH Games. And, you will be ecstatic to learn that this has The National ...

tomjolly (102 )

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BIG WHEEL - Oskar van Deventer

Up for auction is BIG WHEEL, an old exchange puzzle designed by Oskar van Deventer which is to be found in the "Sequential Movement" category of puzzling. Your ...

Spanishlovemachine (103 )

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<div>Up for Auction is Dan Lock. If you haven’t experienced this yet, why not? An absolute must have originally designed by Dan Feldman.</div><div><...

DaveyHolt (4 )

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TROIS CHOCOLATS - Frederic Boucher

Up for auction is a fabulous dexterity challenge out of Frederic Boucher's fin called TROIS CHOCOLATS. You goal is to stack the 3  cubes (2 have a step on top and o...

Spanishlovemachine (103 )

9 bids