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Two Face 3

Mint condition puzzle with original box.Cubicdissection.com description: An exciting idea by Alfons, the Two Face Three puzzle combines six standard burr pieces with an ...

USD 159.00
rzvvl2 (52 )

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Doors and Drawers

Doors and Drawers, design by Mike Toulouzas, body by Pelikan, legs and knobs by Mike Toulouzas. Almost like a conventional burr, but there are some free-floating pieces i...

USD 361.00
tomjolly2 (36 )

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Utopian Cube by Gotz/Lensch [412-710]

Appears simple, just two identical pieces form a cube.  Probably the best 2 piece puzzle you'll ever play with!Markus was a prolific puzzle designer of many styles....

USD 145.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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CELLA Cubes by Naef [412-426]

10 pieces.  Solid maple by Naef.  Average condition, great puzzle for play with a younger crowd.Mahalo!International Shipping AVAILABLE - see Shipping tab for detailsNO...

USD 67.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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Gift Box

An excellent box designed by Akio Kamei. Comes with original package

pucu (124 )

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Seven Woods

Six piece typical diagonal burr creating a beautiful shape. Well known Stewart Coffin design but simplified because of the colour symmetry.I made a handful of these for f...

USD 140.00
jfreedman (35 )

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Oskar's Knot Mass 36 by Pacific Puzzleworks (Lee Krasnow) [413-207]

Lee Krasnow high-precision laser cut miniature version of the 36 piece design by the infamous Oskar in 1982.  A gem of a puzzle, pieces are in excellent condition.  Ver...

USD 50.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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Exotic Hardwood Melting Block

<div>Take a look at this. A new, very, very special Melting Block (1 of only 5 special editions) constructed with a Padauk box with Wenge base, trim and slip feathe...

DaveyHolt (4 )

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Kata Kissoczy - Modernist Abstract Erotic Jigsaw Signed

<DIV><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 18pt">Original, handmade and handpainted abstract erotic people puzzle. 8" in diameter, the people are all hand pa...

ahaber (28 )

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BonBon by Frederic Boucher (RPP)

The "BonBon" packing puzzle by Frederic Boucher is just a ton of fun. The set of five tetrominos must be fully inserted in the rectangular box, and there is onl...

USD 131.00
CubicdissectionExtras (233 )

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Nutty Bolt #1

Buyer pays actual shipping cost

USD 95.00
jchiou (35 )

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Tetradyma 7 x 5

This puzzle is tricky to solved a lot of space, but you must found the correctspaces where the correct moves are. A medium level, but more complex that it seems to be.Con...

USD 42.00
Gregory (54 )

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Ring Box 3 - KW-23

Kawashima's excellent Christmas Present from 2014..from his Karakuri listing:The purpose is the same as Ring box(KW-17),Ring box 2(KW-20).I made this with every misc...

USD 111.00
DerekBosch (142 )

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Slideways Burr by Stanton [415-408]

Ray Stanton high-precision display version of the infamous como Slideways Burr 3 piece design.  A gem of a puzzle, pieces are made of CNC milled anodized aluminum. R...

USD 111.00
HoneyBadger (168 )

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Spiral Lock

Beautiful puzzle !The choice of woods is great and the puzzle lock provides a good challenge !Original description here : https://www.pelikanpuzzles.eu/detail/spiral-loc...

USD 495.00
tynods (82 )

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<P>This is the Star packing puzzle, designed by S. Grabarchuk and crafted by William Strijbos.&nbsp; There are 16 pieces plus the tray.&nbsp; Paper solution...

ShootingStar (11 )

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Rhombic Dodecahedron

The puzzle contains of four pieces<br>

pucu (124 )

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4 Cubes Puzzle - Eric Fuller

Eric Fuller 4 Cubes Puzzle with magnetsLovely wood

USD 55.00
gazza19 (24 )

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Piggy Box Puzzle

Stewart Coffin design #138-A.&nbsp; Saul Bobroff's IPP31 exchange puzzle.&nbsp; I had a lot of fun assembling this puzzle and just now taking it back apart (...

GeorgeBell (47 )

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ICO IPP 29 Eric Fuller

ICO Puzzle!   Wow, What a Puzzle!Just get a load of all these Pieces!   IPP 29 Puzzle by Eric Fuller!This will keep you busy, and is stunning when Assembled!Completed...

USD 148.00
ahaber (28 )

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