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Famous Fifteen Puzzle, vintage sliding block puzzle

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">"The Famous Fifteen Puzzle," No. 77, made in England. This vintage, cardboard sliding block puzzle, from around 1...

BruceWhitehill (21 )

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Vectes / Ghidorah

<DIV>To save time, I'm using Eric Fuller's description and pictures (below).&nbsp; Puzzle was played with once, but baffled me: not very good at this ...

ShootingStar (11 )

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Free the Key puzzle

Another Oskar van Deventer "maze" puzzle<br><br>buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and money transfer fees (including paypal) if applica...

DerekBosch (98 )

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New Octahedron Cube

<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-US style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; COLOR: black; mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt">New rota...

maruel (331 )

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Gravity Well Puzzle

Gravity Well PuzzleThe Gravity Well Puzzle was designed by Harry Nelson and this version was crafted by Bits and Pieces. The puzzle measures a little over 3” and has 3...

USD 120.00
Arc Light (17 )

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Gift Burr by Unknown (2)

We are sold out of these and do not expect to make any more in the future.*******Gift Burr has the familiar shape of the traditional six piece star burr. Unlike the tradi...

USD 19.00
CubicdissectionExtras (21 )

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Chuck Puzzle (level 4) -- Lee Krasnow

&lt;h1&gt;Level 4 Chuck Puzzle&lt;/h1&gt;<br>&lt;ul&gt;<br>&lt;li&gt;&lt;i&gt;designer:&lt;/i&gt;&nbsp;&am...

ppw (19 )

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Bad Radio - Akio Kamei

Bad Radio. This is a large, heavy puzzle (nearly 4 pounds) by Akio Kamei; unfortunately, the right-hand knob is a little wobbly or loose. It's not supposed to do an...

USD 551.00
tomjolly (112 )

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Suspending the Slop Pail

<DIV>Use the pieces of wood to suspend the bucket with the metal ball in it below the table.</DIV> <DIV>-&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV> <DIV&g...

brianpletcher (20 )

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Box w/ a Key reproduction

this is one of bits &amp; pieces reproductions of Kamei's puzzles...<br><br>not as nice as the real thing, but a lot less expensive...<br><b...

DerekBosch (98 )

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3-D Tessit-Hex Puzzle

7 pieces pack into a triangular box with slanted sides consisting of 3 symmetrical blocks Parallelopiped shaped, 3 non-symmetrical blocks Polyhedron shaped and one small ...

JerryMcFarland (23 )

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Porcelain BEAR Shaped Bottom-Filling Puzzle Jug

This puzzle jug is in the form of a bear with bamboo handle and spout. It says "RUTLADER" on the bottom.&nbsp; I've had it for several years, but age i...

w7w (0)

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Mini Half H by Vesa Timonen (2)

The goal of the Half H puzzle is to use all seven pieces to make the shape of an uppercase letter H. It seems simple, right? The solution is anything but, and requires an...

USD 6.00
CubicdissectionExtras (21 )

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Pencil Puzzlers

<div>Pencil Puzzlers, 1992, Steve Ryan, Sterling; 96 pages, 8.25 x 5.5 inches</div><div>Assorted puzzles, lots of illustrations and diagrams. With answe...

BruceWhitehill (21 )

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Tenyo Magic Bank Set x3

Lot of x3 Tenyo banks x2 cube banks - there is an illusion that the coin disappears as you drop it inSpin Bank - the coin spins on a small platform when you drop it in

USD 10.00
nalpak (54 )

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Multimatch 1

&nbsp;Multimatch is Wade Philpott's trademark for MacMahon's Three-color Squares, made by Kadon Enterprises. <br><br>A set of pieces plus a book...

dcameron (25 )

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Cola Bottle #9 - William Strijbos

The object is to remove the rod.

jchiou (27 )

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Unique 2 puzzle eggs-Stephen Chin

These puzzle box was made by occasional craftsman Stephen Chin (entered australian IPP).&nbsp; This puzzle box is well made with very nice woods.&nbsp; These are ...

puzzleboxes (6 )

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Tulip (Copy #2)

RELEASED:11.3.2015PRODUCED:41 CopiesDESIGNER:Christoph LoheCRAFTSMAN:Eric FullerMATERIAL:Cherry, PurpleheartCOMMENTS:This puzzle is more than just a pretty shape...it...

USD 44.00
EricFuller (116 )

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Toyo Glass : Mini Solitaire

Toyo Glass  : Mini SolitaireAnother rare Toyo Glass Puzzle. Made by Toyo glass as a promotion for Nikka Whiskey.The boxed puzzle weighs the same as 5  hamsters, includi...

USD 27.00
Steve (41 )

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