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Scroll of Iga Ninja Arts

This wonder, and rare, puzzle is by Kohno Ichiro and was a 2007 IPP puzzle.In excellent condition with original instructions in Japanese and English.This is a fantastic p...

USD 20.00
PuzzlingTime (64 )

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“Old Dog, New Trick” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Peter Hajek for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008 Objective / Description: Despite...

USD 82.77
HvdZon (139 )

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This a very nice packing puzzle.  I couldn't figure it out.  It'll be unassembled.

USD 115.00
ldytweety1 (21 )

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Cock of Barcelos, Puzzle Jug from Portugal, IPP22 (2002) Exchange Puzzle

The painted earthenware "Cock of Barcelos" puzzle jug was Portuguese puzzle collector Carlos Oliveira's gift in the puzzle exchange at the 22nd International Pu...

USD 100.77
Mijkel1969 (93 )

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Amorim, Puzzle Jug from The Azores, IPP19 (1999) Exchange Puzzle

The earthenware "Bird on Barrel Puzzle Jug," Amorim, was Portuguese puzzle collector Carlos Oliveira's gift in the puzzle exchange at the 19th International Puz...

USD 144.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

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Wooden Greedy Cup, IPP29 (2009) Exchange Puzzle by Takashima-san

Most greedy cups are made of ceramic.  This greedy cup is very unusual in that it is made of wood.  The cup can hold liquid up to a certain level, but adding liquid bey...

USD 55.00
Mijkel1969 (93 )

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4L (2020 Release)

4 L from Cubic Dissection. need i say more. shame to let this one go but time someone else had a go.Shipping Cost  Will be worked out once the Auction has ended.I will c...

USD 73.00
lewispd (27 )

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Slow Motion

This is a great 2d packing puzzle from Frederic Boucher with an amazing soltion that is just so satisfying. up there with my favorites. NothingYetDesigns have done a grea...

USD 37.00
lewispd (27 )

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I-Scream Sandwich Wood Puzzle

This puzzle has an intriguing internal maze so you need to get the ball from one end to the other, and back again! When you figure it out, you will smile! Puzzle still av...

USD 32.00
Mr_neal (51 )

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Hat Trick

This was one of two of Laszlo's entries into the IPP Design Competition and a TOP TEN Vote Getter. You know when Laszlo makes designs a packing puzzle that it will be a g...

USD 139.00
lewispd (27 )

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Snake Pack

Looking quite a bit like the "Y" Pack is this second challenge from Haym Hirsh. The pieces are L shaped tetracubes and the box is very slightly different. Can y...

USD 69.00
lewispd (27 )

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Pin Block Case - artisan

Pin Block Case is a unique and very interesting packing puzzle. It's not terribly high level, nor super difficult, yet there's something satisfying about the solution tha...

USD 32.00
lewispd (27 )

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Wooden Greedy Cup

This is IPP 2009 exchange puzzle named "Wooden Greedy Cup", designed and made by Naoaki TakashimaThe cup can receive liquid up to a certain level, but when you ...

USD 70.00
Arsenal (40 )

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Set of 2 Puzzle Vessels

Two Chinese puzzle vessels are packed into a padded box. The bottom-filling pot has no lid, so it has to be filled through a hole in its bottom.The fairness cup should b...

USD 131.00
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Amorium (bird on barrel jug)

Amorium was Carlos Oliveira's exchange puzzle for IPP19 in london, 1999.This 'bird on a barrel' jug has no lid and no obvious opening to fill it.Trying to poor water from...

USD 19.00
Louis (79 )

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4L (2018 Version)

This is the 2018 version of 4L with the plexiglass bottom. The new one is a solid bottom. I'd argue that the plexiglass bottom adds something to the solve. I have to be v...

USD 90.00
therigaletto (21 )

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The 8 Rods Puzzle

This is IPP 2006 Reception Souvenir puzzle named, designed by Rocky Chiaro.The puzzle comes with the original box and paper instructions.Shipping is £10 (next day delive...

USD 140.00
Arsenal (40 )

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Chawan/Miser's Cup [407-811]

Clay puzzle tea cup, IPP15 Tokyo exchange puzzle from Naoaki Takashima.  Almost 25 years old, this puzzle vessel is a rare chance to acquire a unique piece of early IPP ...

USD 75.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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3 Crested Puzzle Jugs, Halifax, Bristol, Edinburgh (Lot 4 of 4)

Three Crested Puzzle Jugs (Lot  4of 4)Three copies of crested souvenir puzzles jugs all likely to have been made between late 19th C and early 1920's each with a city cr...

USD 10.00
Steve (149 )

1 bid   Closed

3 Crested Puzzle Jugs, Chester, Bridlington and Hull (Lot 3 of 4)

Three Crested Puzzle Jugs (Lot 3 of 4)Three copies of crested souvenir puzzles jugs all likely to have been made between late 19th C and early 1920's each with a city cre...

USD 10.00
Steve (149 )

1 bid   Closed