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SDBB Master

Putting up my copy of SDBB Master. This was one of the funnest SD puzzles I've done this year. Comes with original packaging which is a cloth bag. 

USD 2,272.22
therigaletto (11 )

65 bids   Closed

Pins and blocks puzzle

Pins and blocks puzzlecan you put all the pieces back on the base? Shipping fees (including handling and packaging, exclusive insurance): NL: 0-10 kg  €  7,25 ...

USD 30.00
mimetag (58 )

1 bid   Closed

Chess Puzzle set - Hanayama Cast Puzzle Premium Series

Chess Puzzle series including Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen and King from Hanayama Premium Cast Puzzle Series.All in like new condition. Recently removed from packing...

USD 110.00
phosking (8 )

5 bids   Closed

Stealth Puzzle

Fit the six pieces into the frame. Comes with solution, if desired.

USD 42.00
DanielScher (61 )

16 bids   Closed

Lift Box by Eric Fuller 2019 Edition (RPP)

Lift Box embodies a concept I've had in my mind for a while. I've revisited it several times, but never finished the design because I always felt there ...

USD 210.00
CubicdissectionExtras (168 )

27 bids   Closed

Splitting Headache

Fit the nine pieces together to form a 3 x 3 cube.

USD 24.77
DanielScher (61 )

9 bids   Closed

Three Open Minds Solve A Problem

Three identical board burr pieces in a cage but not as simple as it looks.  Moves are a little tight but functional.

USD 175.00
dickerdixon (158 )

24 bids   Closed

Dyna Cube - Gianni Sarcone print / Recent Toys

Dyna cube with print designed by Gianni SarconeFold the cube in all the ways in the booklet!Not that simple as you might think! Shipping fees (including handling and ...

USD 35.00
mimetag (58 )

8 bids   Closed

Sandwich puzzle by Vinco

Beautiful wooden puzzle designed and made Vinco.

USD 15.00
Lucie (13 )

1 bid   Closed

Mirrorkal Einstein by Ivan Moskovich

Interesting plastic sliding puzzle by Ivan Moskovich with 2 challenges.

USD 47.00
Lucie (13 )

7 bids   Closed

Lock Out

A freshingly new approach to lock puzzles. Really enjoyed this one!

USD 170.00
therigaletto (11 )

18 bids   Closed

Puzzlerone, by Karin and Jürg von Känel

About 10 pieces (I didn't count) put together to make a wooden Toblerone bar. Cute. From 2009, original packaging, I think it was an IPP exchange from Karin and ...

USD 27.00
tomjolly2 (28 )

10 bids   Closed


Hello,i want to sell L-I-Vator designed by Laszlo Molnar. It was crafted from Rombol.The goal ist to pack all the pieces inside the box.Shipping can be combined if you ar...

USD 27.99
P0diceps (6 )

6 bids   Closed

Sloot 3

A 6 board burr with extras!  read Eric's comments at

USD 79.00
dickerdixon (158 )

3 bids   Closed

Hip Flask - Felix Ure

From official description:Hip-Flask is Felix Ure's widely anticipated second design, following his very successful Titan take-apart puzzle. Described as a fiendi...

USD 144.00
jchiou (32 )

7 bids   Closed

Ice 9

Yuu Asaka's Ice 9 puzzle (original package).The goal of this puzzled is to put all 9 pieces into the provided frame. It is probably the hardest 9 pieces puzzle e...

USD 32.00
zd (2 )

12 bids   Closed

Clip Burr 2

First, the construction : This puzzle is just a little bit to loose, but globaly correct.Wenge is very nice as you can see on photo, but there is 2 angles with a little d...

USD 59.00
Gregory (44 )

13 bids   Closed

Jewel Thief

It's Jewel Thief. Bought this directly from Jon when they were available. Comes with all the original pieces including the box, the metal card and stand, and mic...

USD 1,810.00
therigaletto (11 )

32 bids   Closed

B-Lock II by Boaz Feldman

Boaz Feldman's B-Lock II is a trick lock where the padlock is a working lock modified into a puzzle unlike other trick locks which ar...

USD 58.00
XamuelJones (4 )

7 bids   Closed

Aluminium Cross aka First Cross

Description from Mr puzzle website :"In 1980 the Dutch designer Wil Strijbos created his first puzzle and this is it. The First Cross aluminium cross. And it’s d...

USD 120.00
Gregory (44 )

4 bids   Closed