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The Original Mysterious Coin - Toyo Glass

Impossible object made by Toyo Glass.  Wood arrow through a coin.  Includes original box, which shows wear consistent with age (see photo).  Coin shows some oxidation ...

USD 12.00
fluorescein (84 )

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Strijbos Dovetails, complete set of 3

All three of the classics!Impossible Convex DovetailImpossible Concave DovetailImpossible T DovetailNot so much puzzles as impossible objects (although each contains a cu...

USD 207.35
Mijkel1969 (93 )

12 bids   Closed

MBP #3 Triple Dovetail Triangle by Robert Rose

Triple Dovetail Triangle is number 3 in Robert Rose's MBP (Mental Block Puzzle) series. Robert sold a bunch of his puzzles at IPP 23 in Chicago and, sadly, passed away be...

USD 714.00
Steve (149 )

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MBP #1 Double Dovetail Square by Robert Rose

Double Dovetail Square is number 1 in Robert Rose's MBP (Mental Block Puzzle) series. Robert sold a bunch of his puzzles at IPP 23 in Chicago and, sadly, passed away befo...

USD 580.00
Steve (149 )

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Jacob's Ladder Rings

Interesting mechanical oddity

USD 22.00
nalpak (191 )

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Stellas Stasis

This is a really unique piece that was designed by Oskar van Deventer and Wayne Daniel, produced by Wayne and gifted in the IPP29 exchange by Stan Isaacs.It has the super...

USD 22.00
PuzzlingTime (64 )

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Six ways in, No Way out : Robert Sandfield's IPP 24 Exchange Puzzle.

You don't get huge numbers of impossible object puzzles at IPP exchanges but this is one of them. A steel ball forever trapped in a poplar cage with no way to escape and ...

USD 50.00
Steve (149 )

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Strijbos Ring Puzzle

The Power of the Ring is a disentanglement puzzle. Remove the metal ring from the bottle. This puzzle can still be found in some shops so please check pricing before over...

USD 5.00
Mr_neal (51 )

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Impossible Chain (IPP25 exchange)

Impossible Chain was Saul Bobroffs exchange puzzle at IPP25 in Finland, 2005.This puzzle is impossible to take apart (in a non-desctuctive way), but how was it posible to...

USD 18.00
Louis (79 )

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Imp Possible Nail (IPP25 exchange)

Imp Possible Nail was the exchange puzzle of Frank Potts at IPP25 in Finland, 2005.The nail can move back and forth but cannot leave the wooden ring, apparently...Discove...

USD 38.00
Louis (79 )

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Square Plus

Fit the extra triangle piece into the seemingly full puzzle! Impossible? Solved once and reset! Medium difficulty!Shipping calculated at auction end.Thanks for looking!

USD 10.00
Mr_neal (51 )

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4 Street Elbows - Saul Bobroff

Supplied with original wooden base, as shown

USD 141.00
jchiou (51 )

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Padlock in a jar

Impossible bottle/object . Padlock in a jar. please feel free to ask all clarifying questions before purchase.Gift wrapping and postcards are paid extra.Shipping to any ...

USD 5.00
Zhengis (1 )

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Cube in a jar

HelloHere I present another my handmade impossible object - a Rubik’s cube in square jar. There are a lot of variations of this kind of patterns . The jar is made by v...

USD 20.00
Zhengis (1 )

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4 Street Elbows

A real collector's gem from designer Saul BoBroffAn "impossible object" type puzzleFor more info, check out the link -

USD 136.00
JerryLoo (43 )

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The Monkeys' Nuts! Puzzle Bolt by Scott Eliott Seconds Copy

**************************Important note, that this copy was returned to us. It is not a brand new puzzle and it has some scratches and wear, but it is still fully functi...

USD 80.00
CubicdissectionExtras (534 )

19 bids   Closed


Up for auction is the THE IMPOSSIBLE COIN PUZZLE, the predecessor of the LOTUS puzzle designed by not other than Wil Strijbos. Actually it was thought to be an "Impo...

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Spanishlovemachine (189 )

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Smiley In A Bottle

smiley in a bottle.Goals of the puzzle are in the photos .

USD 6.00
puzzleplumber (69 )

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Dove tail cube set

Dovetail cube set Cubes 1, 2, and 3.Made by Wil strijbos .

USD 122.00
puzzleplumber (69 )

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Coke Bottle 4

Strijbos coke bottle #4The goal from my understanding is to remove the lock and then the real puzzle is to get the lock and chain piece back in the original setting.A lot...

USD 140.00
puzzleplumber (69 )

20 bids   Closed