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group lot of Hanayama puzzles.

a selection of 6 Hanayama puzzles. puzzles sold as seen without any boxes.UFO.INFINITYHUZZLE PAD LOCK.CAST VORTEXCAST SYLINDERHUZZLE COIL PUZZLE. now this may have an iss...

USD 17.00
lewispd (27 )

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Tavern Puzzle - Painted Lady

This large sturdy metal puzzle is shaped like a butterfly. The goal is to remove the ring. Copyright 1992 by Tucker-Jones Inc., Setauket, New York. Handmade in the U.S.A....

USD 5.99
RoyRedlich (38 )

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Dragon Head

Dragon Head was Saul Bobroff's exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London, 1999.The goal of the puzzle is to remove the rope from the dragon's head, and then replace the rope to...

USD 41.14
Louis (79 )

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GoCube Edge full pack.  Cube, charger, stand and pouch.  I purchased this about 6 months ago.  Just like in the 80's I'm still not a cuber!!  Only been used twice.  ...

USD 50.00
Charleyzen46 (18 )

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The rodeo riders

2 Puzzles from Dick Hess.Ipp 31 exchange puzzles berlin 2011.Winner pays shipping cost and a part of paypal fees (4% paypal fees conversion USD to EUR)Shipping price ...

USD 5.00
Gregory (68 )

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Harmony (with stand)

Puzzlers' Award (and Jury First Prize) at the IPP design competition 2010A very beautifull puzzle (around 10 cm for the clef alone)Description from Grbnev's web site :&qu...

USD 90.00
Gregory (68 )

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Archimedes Infinity

Disassemble and reassemble this symbol of infinity. Note - shipments outside of the US will result in additional shipping fees to be determined later. 

USD 6.00
chris_linnick (26 )

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Soma in Case

Eric’s descriptionSoma in Case is another offering from design genius Hajime Katsumoto. The seven soma pieces must be packed into a 5x3x2 space. Not too tough, except t...

USD 180.00
tsmart (24 )

27 bids   Closed

C'EST LA VIE - Jean Claude Constantin

Up for auction is the C'EST LA VIE puzzle supposedly designed by Jean Claude Constantin. The goal is to free the ring and put it back together afterwards.. I believe the ...

Spanishlovemachine (189 )

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Two New Disentanglements by Rick Irby

These are 2 puzzles (first two pics) by Rick Irby.  He recently made his return for a few weeks, promising to make other puzzles for me to further complete my extensive ...

USD 65.00
RonZezima (39 )

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Teaser Balls

Teaser Balls were designed by Anneke Treep and Christian Freeling, and crafted by John Rausch.  The puzzle is made from wooden balls & mountaineering line and measur...

USD 39.00
RonZezima (39 )

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Three Wire Puzzles

Three Wire PuzzlesThree Wire Puzzles from Puzzle Master in original packaging. Chain Gang level 9, Panic Attack level 8, and The Big 30 level 6.Shipping will be calculate...

USD 20.00
Arc Light (47 )

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Double Heart IPP20 [422-437]

This is a very fun puzzle designed by Karl Scherer for IPP20, see label in photo for details.Mahalo!Bidding constitutes acceptance of the terms specified in the Shipping ...

USD 43.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Stick A by Nob Yoshigahara [431-454]

Stick A by Nob Yoshigahara consists of a wooden stick with 3 holes, a string loop and one coin.The object is to remove the loop and coin.  Side of puzzle is embossed &q...

USD 24.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Pig & Cow Puzzle (IPP25) by Hess [425-135]

Pig & Cow Puzzle has 4 separate challenges, and was designed and produced in 2004 by Dick Hess for exchange at IPP25 in Helsinki.  Included instructions and solut...

USD 11.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Mini Fortune Ring Puzzle (IPP15) [424-922]

1995 exchange puzzle from Adolf Ledesma.  Object is to remove the handle; much tougher than it appears.  From Tokyo IPP15, a very early exchange puzzle.Mahalo!NEW THIS...

USD 237.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Ring Flasche [428-685]

Ring Flasche is a challenging, heavy gauge wire and rope puzzle in excellent condition.Object is to remove the ball and loop.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE...

USD 65.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Stick B by Nob Yoshigahara [431-596]

Stick B by Nob Yoshigahara consists of a wooden stick with 2 holes, a string loop and two coins.The object is to remove the loop and coins.  Side of puzzle is embosse...

USD 29.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

7 bids   Closed

U-Twins by Constantin [554-528]

U-Twins is a very entertaining wire puzzle design by Constantin employing 3 pieces. The puzzle is nicely made using heavy 4.5 mm gauge wire.An extra puzzle, known as the...

USD 27.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

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Stick A by Nob Yoshigahara [431-525]

Stick A by Nob Yoshigahara consists of a wooden stick with 3 holes, a string loop and one coin.The object is to remove the loop and coin.  Side of puzzle is embossed &q...

USD 22.00
HoneyBadger (183 )

4 bids   Closed