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Open Cube

Open Cube designed by Marc van Kreveld and Theo Geerinck, made by Pelikan about 2007. The fit is slightly loose; the variety of woods, the large size and thin pieces mean...

USD 199.00
tomjolly2 (18 )

14 bids   Closed

Lost Luggage! Can you Free your Luggage?

Lost Luggage!   A Commercial Puzzle Created and released by Bits and Pieces!In  the Center, Lost without hope, is a cube, that is your luggage.There are 2 Wood Parts t...

USD 34.00
ahaber (17 )

16 bids   Closed

Dicey Box

A 12-piece assembly which is as tricky as Sue Young suggests in her original description at dice seem to be there as a central ...

USD 70.00
dickerdixon (123 )

10 bids   Closed


Very cool design by Stephan. Never taken a part.  In excellent condition  To solve this charming puzzle, there is no "force" required...A unique twist to the ...

USD 295.00
PuzzDude (30 )

24 bids   Closed

Triangle Puzzle

Fit all the triangles into the frame with their engraved side down (the photo shows the triangles in the frame in the puzzle's original state, with the engraved side...

USD 21.00
DanielScher (57 )

9 bids   Closed

Small box 1 - window box

Small Box 1 - Window box by Eric Fuller Puzzle in like new  condition.Please see the description via provided link for more information. Shipping to be determined at s...

USD 75.00
Usher (13 )

7 bids   Closed

A small lot of pieces built into puzzle boxes

Up for auction are over 700 lego pieces which I used to build 4 different puzzle boxes (that is the current state of the lego pieces - of course I can send it disassemble...

Spanishlovemachine (167 )

1 bid   Closed

Heart in Heart by Wil Strijbos

Heart in Heart by Will Strijbos. Aluminum and brass. Not very difficult but an excellent collectible puzzle. There is a small discoloration spot on the front. It is on th...

USD 250.00
CanMan (9 )

8 bids   Closed

Popplock T12

Popplock T12 complete with unopened solution and workings.It's brass so it shows cosmetic wear/patina see photos.Postage and insurance will be charged at cost when I...

USD 1,100.00
gazza19 (5 )

4 bids   Closed

Oskar 5 Piece Ring - w/ Free Cutout Coin

A 5 piece 3D printed puzzle ring designed by Oskar van Deventer. I believe it's the Weave Five. I think ordered from Shapeways many years ago.I'm throwing in a ...

USD 15.00
nalpak (75 )

1 bid   Closed


Brian's description: Initially I was going to refer to this as a TIC with training wheels, due to the fact that it is one of Andrews recent designs featuring only 3...

USD 87.00
DanielScher (57 )

12 bids   Closed

Cube Index: A Visual Guide to Mechanical Puzzles - NEW!

Cube Index - limited edition book with over 6,000 photos of mechanical puzzles! 

USD 28.00
nalpak (75 )

1 bid   Closed

Open & Shut Case

Original description (2008) from Livewire Puzzles :Contrary to present-day thinking, our Open & Shut Case puzzle requires the solver to think "inside" the box. ...

USD 471.00
tynods (55 )

29 bids   Closed

Jigsaw Puzzle 29

Fit the 29 pieces together into the frame. Not as simple as it might seem!

USD 29.00
DanielScher (57 )

11 bids   Closed

Squary Pack 8

Yavuz invented this great new style of puzzle combining packing and sliding. The goal is to place the 4 pieces into the box, face up. Trickier than it looks! Number 8 was...

USD 62.00
ajhippo (4 )

8 bids   Closed

Squary Pack 1

Yavuz invented this great new style of puzzle combining packing and sliding. The goal is to place the 4 pieces into the box, face up. Trickier than it looks, although thi...

USD 60.00
ajhippo (4 )

15 bids   Closed

Lock Out

Description: Lock Out by Andrew Coles. His first puzzle lock/trick lock. Serial number 30. The hardest lock puzzle in my opinion, compared to dan lock and others.   C...

USD 295.00
chris_linnick (6 )

19 bids   Closed

Trap - R2

More Osanori, more rotations, more fun!  Another top Pelikan production.  Read Kevin Sadler's description at

USD 170.00
dickerdixon (123 )

20 bids   Closed


Solved once. Returned to original assembled position. Like new.Original Wood Wonders description not available.Presumably size similar to other TICs: 2.25" x 2.25&q...

USD 155.00
phosking (0)

36 bids   Closed

Sanmai by Yuyuki Endo

A unique puzzle by Yuyuki Endo - the goal is to connect the lines by rotating the internal pieces using the two cut-outs in the frame.From the original description: "...

USD 75.00
fivesinatras (13 )

4 bids   Closed