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for your own SAKE (1-3) by Nob Yoshigahara [431-880]

for your own SAKE (1-3) is the third in this series of box packing puzzles.  Nob Yoshigahara designed this wonderful series of sake cup puzzles, which was faithfully ...

USD 80.00
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Marble Surprise (for your own SAKE #2-3) by Nob Yoshigahara [431-951]

Marble Surprise Puzzle (for your own SAKE #2-3) is the third in this second series of box packing puzzles.  Nob Yoshigahara designed this wonderful series of sake cup...

USD 86.00
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Stack-Up 4x4 & 4x5 (IPP14) [424-851]

From 1994, this is a 2 puzzle lot from IPP14, one of the earliest exchanges.2 interlocking foam puzzles 4x4 and 4x5 shapes.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZLE(s...

USD 23.00
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(40) IPP 30 Osaka/Hakone Exchange Puzzles [417-041]

You are bidding on a selection of 40 puzzles exchanged at a past IPP (International Puzzle Party) created by the foremost puzzle designers, crafters, collectors and solve...

USD 440.00
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Tiger Triple Teaser Sliding Block Puzzle Set IPP19 [408-663]

Wayne Daniel crafted this beautiful sliding puzzle set in 1999 as an exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London.From the original package: "The Tiger Triple Teaser consist...

USD 49.00
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Stockdale Super Square by Kadon [425-419]

36 pieces in 24 unique shapes. 100s of puzzles, 7 games, new in box with original mat and instruction book. Produced in 1990.Mahalo!NEW THIS AUCTION   FREE BONUS PUZZL...

USD 39.00
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The Endless Landscape (Myriorama) [427-478]

The Endless Landscape (Myriorama) is a 24 card set of unusual artistry.  Based on 1830s Leipzig version, in original box, cards unused.bazillions (see box) of combinati...

USD 15.00
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Turntable Train Puzzle by Pentangle [426-555]

Challenging vintage puzzle from Pentangle, wooden base and turntable with 6 train cars and engine.Object: Rearrange train from north line to south line. Engine must remai...

USD 55.00
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Tortuous Box by Akio Kamei (M-2) [417-964]

**SPECIAL** 1985 Tortuous Box (Oak) #3 by Akio Kamei.Objective is to open the puzzle box and locate the secret compartment with the artist's hanko.  Finishing and...

USD 824.00
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Brass Cannon [554-017]

The Brass Cannon puzzle is a sequential discovery puzzle, was designed in the 19th century.  It is based on a wooden version called “Cannon and Ball” described in...

USD 47.00
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