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G1945 by Gelo

G1945 caged burr puzzle. 2 pieces plus the cage. 3d printed by Rex Rossano Perez.A little about myself and the puzzles. I am a solver / collector. I try to collect variou...

USD 22.00
CanMan (142 )

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Exchange bottle (Wil Strijbos) - IPP 32

This was Wil Strijbos' IPP 32 exchange puzzle.The objective is to free the steel ball. There's an extra challenge to get the rectangular ring over the shackle of the lock...

USD 261.69
Arsenal (40 )

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“Dissection 634” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 25)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Koshi Arai for the International Puzzle Party 25 held in Helsinki, Finland 2005   Objective / Description There are 1...

USD 50.00
HvdZon (139 )

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DDD Burr Set Aluminum (Eric Fuller)

This collaboration is one I've been looking forward to for a while. Darryl designed this excellent 12 piece set, with pieces precision machined in either brass or aluminu...

USD 110.00
Arsenal (40 )

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Majestic 7 by Alfons Eyckmans

This is Majestic 7 by Alfons Eyckmans. A beast of a puzzle with many many moves. You will love it. ==================Shipping to be determined after purchase - please do...

USD 135.00
Robb8765 (31 )

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“Interlocking Checkerboard” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Les Barton for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008   Objective / Description: Arran...

USD 25.00
HvdZon (139 )

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“Diagra” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Mike Hawthorn for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008   Goal: Use all the eight piec...

USD 80.00
HvdZon (139 )

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“PENT UP” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 37)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Louis Toorenburg for the International Puzzle Party 37 held in Paris, France 2017   Objective: Place all 12 pentomin...

USD 44.00
HvdZon (139 )

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Dool O Rinth maze puzzels - Cor Toys - FULL SET

A lot of six vintage Dool 'O Rinth puzzles including the rarely seen Blue one (#4)!These are the original marketed puzzles from the eighties, without the new 'quick reset...

USD 910.00
mimetag (106 )

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Mike Myers! Only the Best, from Dan Fast!

One of the Best in the Puzzle World!Any Puzzle from Dan Fast!Mike Myers is here!You NEED this for your Halloween Fun!3D printed, Solved Once, and smooth and sweet....well...

USD 48.00
ahaber (65 )

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Peek-A-Boo By Dan Fast

Peek-A-Boo designed by Dan Fast and produced by Alfons Eyckmans. Copy#1 signed. The puzzles tolerances are very loose. But still in very solvable and working condition....

USD 55.00
Joshualc9 (98 )

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This is a packeging puzzle box with 3 different compartments and 4 different pieces. See pictures.   Goal: Place all 4 pieces in compartment 1, then in comp...

USD 90.00
HvdZon (139 )

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Giant Puzzle

This is a remake of a classic Graeco-Latin square puzzle that originally appeared in 1888. The original puzzle, known as the "Giant Puzzle," was created by McLo...

USD 4.00
TheRammer (29 )

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Triple Decker! Aluminum Bits and {ieces

An interesting Puzzle I dont see come up often.Triple Decker!   A Unique Look!Can you take it Apart?Much harder to put back together!6 Aluminum Sticks in original condi...

USD 29.77
ahaber (65 )

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Corky - Gary Foshee

Corky (or Uncorker), designed by Gary FosheeProduced by Bits & Pieces (2005).Photo shows the assembled corkscrew, but the goal is to start with it disassembled (two p...

USD 70.00
fluorescein (84 )

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70 YEAR OLD Sherms puzzle card

The "8 Point Puzzle" is Sherms' version of the classic "Star" puzzle, in which one has to slide coins (or similar objects) from one unoccupied point t...

USD 11.77
Mijkel1969 (93 )

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“The Karst* Phenomenon” (Exchange Puzzle IPP 28)

This puzzle is a exchange puzzle by Karst Nauta for the International Puzzle Party 28 held in Prague, Czech Republic 2008   Description and Goal: Essenti...

USD 65.00
HvdZon (139 )

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Prison Block! Nice Anodized Aluminum Puzzle!

A Neat Take Apart Puzzle from Bits and Pieces!Can you remove the Center Piece?Made from Anodized Aluminum, in a nice, Heavy piece, with a Black felt Bottom.This was a des...

USD 26.69
ahaber (65 )

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Sliced Bread

This puzzle from Jos Bergmans consist of only 4 pieces, all are different. Take it apart and make a cube again.

USD 9.00
HH (17 )

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Idiot Box by Tyler Williams

Excellent SD puzzle by Tyler Williams of Beards Woodshop. Beautiful craftsmanship. Goal: The TV is broken..., fix it.

USD 242.00
GBroderick (4 )

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