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Insoma (Original Shape)

Two of the most popular puzzles ever made and sold in the world have been used to make this unique puzzle. The puzzle is to assemble both the Soma Cube and the six piece ...

USD 85.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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This finely crafted Vega star puzzle is made up of 6 identical pieces.  Fit is just tight enough to keep it from accidentally falling apart easily.  -------------- Winn...

USD 95.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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Locked Cube I

The Locked Cube I Puzzle is a sliding, interlocking wooden puzzle with a marble and a ball bearing inside. It is probably my personal favorite of all of my designs. The ...

USD 157.00
KeeZor (2 )

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Divide Cube 1-5b

Divide Cube 1-5b, (4-part cube) created by Hidekuni Tamura, purchased from Puzzlein in 2004, with instructions. Puzzle shown after first move to show Tamura signature....

USD 70.00
tomjolly2 (0)

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Trirods Ball with stand

Kevin Sadler wrote about it here:“This puzzle is just stunning! Even the stand is beautiful – it has ...

USD 161.00
Puzzler91 (2 )

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Building Block description: This puzzle is such a good idea I'm fairly surprised no one did it before. I'm very glad Tim did...he really came up with a br...

USD 161.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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Level 33.24.10 Burr puzzle designed and crafted by Stephan Baumegger

USD 285.00
KeeZor (2 )

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USD 200.00
KeeZor (2 )

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Dan Fast wrote about it: "When I was designing Batman, as with all my designs, I imagine what I think it would look like when it is built. Pelikan has blown my mi...

USD 199.00
tynods (6 )

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Dan Fast wrote about it: "I designed the Superman and Batman puzzles when I heard the Superman VS Batman movie were coming out. Superman is a fantastic puzzle, th...

USD 330.00
tynods (6 )

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Four Piece Burr Cube

This clever puzzle shows major design chops. Using four identical, simple pieces and a cage, Yamamoto created a level 9.2.5 beauty with only one solution. Definitely one ...

USD 199.00
Cubicks (-2)

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Beautifully made by Pelikan this puzzle is a delight.  Pieces slide as smooth as you like! 13 moves to release the first piece.

USD 142.00
dickerdixon (73 )

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Two Face 3

Mint condition puzzle with original description: An exciting idea by Alfons, the Two Face Three puzzle combines six standard burr pieces with an ...

USD 159.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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3D Onat Contrast

Check out this video description: 62 Moves (  Will provide bur...

USD 100.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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As described on is an incredibly unique and tricky eight piece burr design. Four outer pieces conspire with four inner burr sticks to bedevil...

USD 70.00
rzvvl2 (41 )

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This is an unsual burr designed by stephan baumegger with a star wars theme.It is excellently made and a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle to play with , with all pieces moving...

USD 170.00
Puzzler91 (2 )

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Key Lock

This beautiful puzzle consists of a wooden frame with 8 wooden puzzle pieces and a wooden ''key''. Difficulty: 65 Moves ( Aft...

USD 100.00
tynods (6 )

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The Trigo Cube - Chain Bar Edition

This puzzle uses  eight pieces, serially  interlocking assembly to create a beautiful cube. Great finish in Like new condition. Complete with Puzzle certificate - wax s...

USD 140.00
jfreedman (21 )

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Kaon Interlocking Puzzle (Paduak Variation) by Duane Einfeld (RPP)

I hadn't heard from Duane in quite some time, but he mailed me this little gem of a puzzle and I had to make it. Kaon is a six-piece burr which features three pairs ...

USD 65.00
CubicdissectionExtras (8 )

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6 burr pieces in a cage. Level (13,14,15,2,4,3)

USD 208.00
dickerdixon (73 )

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