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This is a hard to find item designed by the mysterious and enigmatic Roger.<br><br>The goal is to get the propeller to rotate freely.<b...

dcameron (65 )

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Roll Up

<div>this very attractive puzzle was Simon's exchange and design competition entry for IPP29 in San Francisco...</div><div>The o...

DerekBosch (159 )

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Suspending the Slop Pail

<DIV>Use the pieces of wood to suspend the bucket with the metal ball in it below the table.</DIV> <DIV>- <...

brianpletcher (21 )

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 A puzzle from the mysterious designer known only as Roger. No instructions come with thepuzzle but the objective would appear to be to rotate the key in the...

dcameron (65 )

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No Dexterity

No Dexterity, designed by Oskar van Deventer and crafted by Tom Lensch.  The objective is to move the ball through the maze by turning the maze side-to-side:...

ShootingStar (11 )

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Stellated Stasis- IPP29 exchange puzzle

Not really a "dexterity" puzzle, more of a "balance" puzzle. Designed by Oskar and Wayne Daniel, made by Wayne Daniel. I never solved ...

tomjolly (119 )

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Pick'Em Up - Toyo Glass

<div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 18pt;"><span style="font-family: ...

Arc Light (47 )

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Unknown - old wood dexterity marble puzzle - made in Japan

Four marbles that you have to roll into little indents in the wood, though other grooves in the base interfere with this effort (took me about 2 minutes); nothing too uni...

tomjolly (119 )

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Four Dexterity Puzzles, Mfg. by Pussy, Germany

These three plastic puzzles (two are duplicates with different coloring) were from a series of 12 dexterity puzzles made by Pussy in Germany. One of the three has a pictu...

tomjolly (119 )

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Labyrinth (or Labilinth) maze-dexterity cylinder puzzle

Labyrinth, or as it says on the box, Labilinth. This is a cylindrical wooden maze; you put a ball on it (it comes with 4 balls; 2 plastic, 2 steel) and try to maneuver th...

tomjolly (119 )

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DoubleSix puzzle - Journet

<DIV>This dexterity puzzle consists of two dice that you have to get into two square slots in the right orientation. Not too bad; took about 5 minutes to so...

tomjolly (119 )

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This odd little dexterity puzzle has a hand-made look to it (in fact, the label on the back says, "Hand crafted in Greenwich by Leisure Dimensions" Copy...

tomjolly (119 )

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Batch of 24 cube-dexterity puzzles

This is a batch of 24 assorted cube-shaped dexterity puzzles. Some duplicates, which I've grouped together in the photo. One cube is scratched up, the rest are in very go...

tomjolly (119 )

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Dexterity puzzle - Alles Roger

<DIV>Alles Roger Aluminium puzzle. Object is to release the small ball bearing.</DIV> <DIV> </DIV> ...

Steve (149 )

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