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Trick Padlock #3 "GAMALOCK 8 Levers No 30 Guaranteed 15 Years"

This lock and key weigh about 5.6 SPH (362g) This is one of several puzzle locks I am selling.  All are Indian in origin and/or were originally source direct from India...

USD 28.00
Steve (77 )

12 bids   Closed

Aluminium Cylinder Box

The very challenging Aluminium Cylinder Box (#13 of 58) by Wil StrijbosThis is one of Wil's earliest batches, highly sought after.No longer in production and very ra...

USD 103.00
JerryLoo (35 )

19 bids   Closed

Board Burr Rack

A great design by Brendan Perez made by Cubic Dissection.  Read Eric's original description at :-

USD 110.00
dickerdixon (123 )

8 bids   Closed


Felix Ure's Titan.  Beautiful and difficult puzzle.  Everything is in perfect condition.  Buyer to pay exact shipping and paypal fees determined at end of auctio...

USD 150.00
Charleyzen46 (11 )

9 bids   Closed


Ansel is the first mechanical puzzle of Brandon Wolf, puzzle solver on Youtube, collector and creator.  Incredible first puzzle. Similar to a Rex Perez puzzle. This came...

USD 100.00
chris_linnick (2 )

2 bids   Closed

Nutty Bolt #2

second of Steve Miller (pyropuzzles) bolt puzzles

USD 100.00
DerekBosch (116 )

17 bids   Closed

Bovalis Lock1

I’m auctioning a BD 1 - Bovalis Lock. This is a very interesting puzzle as all parts (or most) are on display. The aim is to open the lock and remove the half dollarIt ...

USD 213.00
Christo (23 )

20 bids   Closed

Nutty Bolt #1

first of Steve Miller (pyropuzzles) bolt puzzles

USD 150.00
DerekBosch (116 )

22 bids   Closed

Euro Falle 5

Euro Falle 5 - object, get the coin out. Designed by Jurgen Reiche. Shipping overseas is $14.50, to the US is $5. Shipping combined on multiple items.

USD 185.00
tomjolly2 (17 )

28 bids   Closed

Mysterious Galaxy

A Yamamoto classic L17.5.2.4 rotations required

USD 135.00
tsmart (18 )

16 bids   Closed

Box with Two Balls

Three pieces trapped inside a box create an ever-changing maze for the two marbles trapped within. This puzzle has a level 23-20 solution.

USD 77.00
DanielScher (51 )

11 bids   Closed

Remove The Yolk

Robrecht Louage's Remove The Yolk. The goal is to remove the coin.Actual shipping cost will be calculated at end of auction. Buyer pays 4% Paypal fee.

USD 201.00
josiah1221 (20 )

21 bids   Closed


Four notched sticks in a frame - but there is a sneaky fifth piece whose movement is controlled only by gravity!  Read Tim's description on the Pelikan web site at...

USD 253.00
dickerdixon (123 )

17 bids   Closed

Texas Coin Puzzle by MINE-- FUNDRAISER

Texas Coin Puzzle by MINEGoal is to remove the buffalo nickel coin.Proceeds to be donated to a Houston based benevolent organization. Buyer is responsible for the cost of...

USD 75.00
MatthewDawson (12 )

13 bids   Closed

Krbana B

Three pieces assemble in a coordinate motion. Perfect tight fit. Mildly difficult.Buyer pays Paypal ior wire transfer fees, as well as the shipping cost (calculated after...

USD 63.00
gwennou (9 )

19 bids   Closed

Keltec Bullet Puzzle

Kel Tec Brass Bullet PuzzleThis Brass Bullet Burr puzzle was put out by a company called Kel Tec to mark there 15 years in business.  At 2.75" in all dimensions it ...

USD 135.00
Arc Light (34 )

20 bids   Closed

Trickier Trivet

Trickier Trivet PuzzleTrickier Trivet was Ginda Fishers entry in the 2009 Nob Yoshigara Design Competion. Take it apart and put it back together. Or, put it on your kitch...

USD 79.00
Arc Light (34 )

18 bids   Closed

First Box

The very challenging First Box (#06) by Wil StrijbosThis is one of the earlier versions. It does not have the Smiley like the later versions.No longer in production and v...

USD 282.00
JerryLoo (35 )

20 bids   Closed


The very challenging sequential discovery Lotus by Wil StrijbosNot available commercially as far as I can tell.For more information and photos, please check out my link a...

USD 230.00
JerryLoo (35 )

17 bids   Closed

Trick Padlock #22 : Classic design, but with 5 keys

This is one of a series of locks I am selling. Mostly (all?) Indian manufacture and best described as "rustic". All are in working condition,  none are particu...

USD 42.00
Steve (77 )

17 bids   Closed