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Trick Padlock #1 "WASI Commander Best S A"

This lock and key weigh about 3.8 SPH (240g) This is one of several puzzle locks I am selling.  All are Indian in origin and/or were originally source direct from India...

USD 16.00
Steve (77 )

9 bids   Closed

Trick Padlock #34 - Interior quite rusty

This lock and keys weigh about 7 SPH (445g)  . It is working but has quite heavy rust/wear.  Should be restoreable but current state is filthy.This is one of several pu...

USD 12.00
Steve (77 )

5 bids   Closed

Stepping Burr

Stepping Burr is a very tricky level 10 interlocking burr puzzle. The unconventional nature of the six pieces results in some very unusual movements. Crafted from figured...

USD 40.00
chris_linnick (2 )

1 bid   Closed

Set of Ball Puzzles

This lot has 3 plastic puzzles. 1) Composed of 6 pieces the largest puzzle measures approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter and has a slot so it can be used as a coin ban...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (19 )

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Sam Loyd's Cube

Sam Loyd's cube was Jerry Slocum's exchange puzzle for IPP19 in london, 1999.Samuel Loyd patented this design  on 11 april 1871.Allen Rolfs produced this copy ...

USD 43.00
Louis (6 )

12 bids   Closed

Two Key Lock

This is Vesa Timonen's two keys lock puzzle, 3d printed from his Shapeways webpage (The two box pieces are in "White Premium Versatile Plastic" while the t...

USD 71.00
monopoles (10 )

6 bids   Closed

Little Misfit

Little Misfit was Summerday's exchange puzzle for IPP17 in San Francisco, 1997.There are two challenges to fit 9 out of 10 pieces in the box.The third challenge is ...

USD 201.00
Louis (6 )

24 bids   Closed

Grooved 6 Board Burr #3 & #4

This auctions is for both #3 and #4 of Juno's 6 Board Burr series. Both are in excellent condition and show no signs of wear. Both have been solved and reset by me....

USD 165.00
ghxost (3 )

12 bids   Closed

3 Different Metal Puzzles

This lot consists of three different metal take-apart puzzles:Yin Yang Metal Puzzle three-dimensional Yin Yang symbol. Designed by Doug Engel. Measures approximately 2.5 ...

USD 20.00
RoyRedlich (19 )

12 bids   Closed


Goal is to take apart this wooden puzzle. Made in Taiwan, distributed by PUZZLE MAKERS INTERNATIONAL. Solution included. Comes in original cardboard box.

USD 130.00
RoyRedlich (19 )

22 bids   Closed

Split Maze Burr / 50 Configurations Book

Split Maze Burr by Derek Bosch.  Never been played with past sliding one or two pieces.  The tool is inside of the puzzle per Cubic Dissection.  Comes with a brand new...

USD 195.00
Charleyzen46 (11 )

3 bids   Closed

Bottled Frustration

Removing the nut from the washer allows you to empty the contents of the glass bottle. An even more difficult challenge is to reassemble the components inside the bottle....

USD 9.99
RoyRedlich (19 )

1 bid   Closed

L-bow Dovetail

L-bow Dovetail was Norman Sandfields exchange puzzle at IPP 19 in London, 1999.This famous puzzle appears impossible to the untrained eye, since its two dovetail joints r...

USD 312.00
Louis (6 )

24 bids   Closed


Octo-Burr was Tyler Barretts exchange puzzle at IPP 17 in San Francisco, 1997.This puzzle was designed and made by Stewart Coffin (#110 in his numbering system).The appar...

USD 145.00
Louis (6 )

22 bids   Closed


Drumsticks was Allen Rolfs exchange puzzle at IPP 19 in London, 1999.Beat the hidden mechanism to separate the two sticks. This puzzle takes 2 'moves' to open....

USD 76.00
Louis (6 )

17 bids   Closed

Lacewood Heart Ring box

This is a gorgeous wooden puzzle box with 3 internal compartments.The compartments are 35 mm diameter and 8 mm high, and lined with green soft fabric (not carpet;-).The b...

USD 29.00
Louis (6 )

7 bids   Closed

Cobble Hedge (Pento Hex)

Cobble Hedge (Pento Hex) was kunio Saeki's exchange puzzle for IPP16 in Luxemburg, 1996.Kunio Saeki was president of Toyo Glass.The puzzle consistsof a cylindrical g...

USD 11.00
Louis (6 )

1 bid   Closed

The heart in heart

3 pieces to take part and put together.After the end of the auction the final shipping cost will be calculated.SEPA bank transfer is accepted (EU countries) and free. The...

USD 480.00
tynods (48 )

42 bids   Closed

Knot Cube

Knot cube was Oskar ven Deventer's  exchange puzzle for IPP16 in Luxemburg, 1996.It consists of 8 cubes filled with differently colored fabric, and connected by wir...

USD 11.00
Louis (6 )

1 bid   Closed

Sputnik (in Cube)

Sputnik in Cube was Carlo Gitt's exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London, 1999.It was designed by Marcel Gillen.It is also known as "Sputnik" or "cube in ...

USD 42.00
Louis (6 )

12 bids   Closed