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This Sequential Movement Puzzle has a 1986 copyright by Go Images, Inc., El Paso, Texas. Measures approximately 6.25 x 4.5 inches.

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (22 )

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Numlock is an n-ary puzzle designed by Pit Khiam Goh and crafted by Johan Heyns with help from Jack Krijnen.  Theoretically, the puzzle could be increased to any odd-num...

USD 220.00
dickerdixon (123 )

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Plant Cycle

GOAL : get the 3 keys out and back inDifficulty: 9.5/10Use logic and orientation to solve it3 keys : seeds , stem , flower#17/50Original description:PLANT CYCLE PUZZLEgoa...

USD 400.00
rakasis (2 )

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Maze Ball Game

This plastic puzzle from the 1990s combines the elements of sliding block puzzles, dexterity puzzles, and maze puzzles. Includes cardboard box. The box says "TRACING...

USD 7.00
RoyRedlich (22 )

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Utterly Unique Puzzle Lock!

A Neat Wooden Lock, that I have never solved!Not because its hard, I dont think so, but because it got buried in a box when it arrived Brand New!So, I have no idea on it...

USD 60.00
ahaber (17 )

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Washington Monument

this was Brian Young (australian MrPuzzle)'s exchange puzzle at the IPP32 in Washington DC.very clever mechanism, as usual, from this creative designer.  comes with...

USD 335.00
DerekBosch (118 )

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Internal Combustion

Internal Combustion by Bits and Pieces. Actual shipping cost will be calculated at end of auction. Buyer pays 4% Paypal fee.

USD 70.00
josiah1221 (21 )

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Sequential Star

Sequential Star looks like the well known Diagonal Star but the pieces have pins and mazes in the central block of each piece, which complicates (dis)assembly.  This nec...

USD 315.00
dickerdixon (123 )

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1980 Nintendo Puzzle

A rare puzzle from before Nintendo were the computer giants of today. A marble in barrel puzzle with an interesting mechanismIf you like antique puzzles this is a must.Bo...

USD 20.00
Christo (26 )

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Bolted Book

This is Allard Walker’s Ipp exchange from 2014. It is named the Bafflng Bolted Book, but that would not fit in the main description.It is a really great puzzle. The fir...

USD 156.00
Christo (26 )

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Yot Puzzle I

The YOT puzzle is a shiny metal disc that comes with a real US silver dollar. The challenge is to open the YOT and remove the coin without power tools.Winner pays sh...

USD 42.00
YassCherry (8 )

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JUGO 15 Petal Flower by Wil Strijbos [411-219]

JUGO Flower -is an unusual puzzle produced by Streetwise / Strijbos some years ago. 15 petals on spinning center flip in an puzzling interlocking style - can you flip the...

USD 1,700.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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Turntable Train Puzzle by Pentangle [426-555]

Challenging vintage puzzle from Pentangle, wooden base and turntable with 6 train cars and engine.Object: Rearrange train from north line to south line. Engine must remai...

USD 55.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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NumLock by Goh Pit Khiam [423-999]

12 pieces combine in an n-ary type format into a very nice puzzle; the "top" also magnetically separates to allow real-time analysis while solving, as well as e...

USD 300.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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Climb Game 15 (D45-48) by Minoru Abe [415-905]

Large 15 piece tray puzzle, colored pieces and padded custom tray as shown. Never played condition. Very unusual puzzle game from puzzle master Minoru Abe, likely produce...

USD 110.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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Pink & Blue (E19) NOBlocks by Nob Yoshigahara [415-763]

Pink & Blue (E19) NOBlocks by Nob Yoshigahara is a 10 piece tray puzzle, colored pieces in custom tray as shown. Never played condition. Very unusual puzzle game from puz...

USD 69.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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Labyrinth Tee Jay (S-21) [402-983]

An interesting cylindrical handheld maze, constructed entirely of wood.  Outside finish is excellent, inside ring is labeled 0 to 9 for indexing, and end is stamped &quo...

USD 42.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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The Four Seasons by Nob Yoshigahara [430-957]

The Four Seasons by Nob Yoshigahara is a set of sliding block puzzles that consists of 20 pieces inside a tray.  Remove different tiles, some larger than 1 unit, per in...

USD 62.00
HoneyBadger (135 )

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Free Me 6

Free Me 6 is a Sequential Discovery puzzle with many fun twists and turns before your able to tee the 50cent piece.   A lot of fun packed into this gem.   Condition is...

USD 295.00
PuzzDude (30 )

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First box

Sequential discovery - First BoxThe puzzle is to remove the gold anodised metal rod inside.To do this you do not need any tapping, no magnets and no external tools. Every...

USD 265.00
puzzleplumber (64 )

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