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Free Me 6

Free Me 6 by Joseph G Turner.  This is one of the best sequential discovery puzzles ever.  Challenging and a lot of fun.  Everything is in perfect condition.  All pap...

USD 401.00
Charleyzen46 (11 )

18 bids   Closed

1999 - 2000 puzzle

1999 - 2000 Puzzle was Rodolfo Kurchans exchange puzzle at IPP 19 in London, 1999.Slide the 15 pieces in the tray to change "1999" into "2000". This t...

USD 21.00
Louis (7 )

7 bids   Closed

Black Jack

6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.

USD 20.00
KeeZor (40 )

8 bids   Closed


Description from Mr puzzle website :"The object of the Lotus is to find the Lotus Flower. To do this you need to remove an aluminium circular disc with a rod runn...

USD 210.00
Gregory (36 )

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Cross Match

The goal of this puzzle is to get the colored marbles in the spots where they match in color. To make it more challenging two extra non-matching marbles are in play.Inclu...

USD 10.00
RoyRedlich (22 )

7 bids   Closed

Link Puzzler

This plastic puzzle is about 5 inches long and contains 15 tiles that can be moved by twisting the ends of the puzzle or sliding the tile into the empty space. As designe...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (22 )

1 bid   Closed

L-I-Vator 1 & 2 by Wood Wonders

L-I-Vator 1 & 2 designed by Laszlo Molnar and crafted by Brian Menold of Wood Wonders. Each set of pieces is based on a pattern of increasing voxels and contains one piec...

USD 135.00
MikeyMack (2 )

29 bids   Closed

Sliding Tetris (Hardcore version)

6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.This is a sliding puzzle, where the goal is to get the ball out of the box, by sliding th...

USD 110.00
KeeZor (40 )

9 bids   Closed

Tiger Triple Teaser

Tiger Triple Teaser was Abel garcia's exchange puzzle at IPP 19 in London, 1999.The Tiger Triple Teaser consists of the 3 Tiger puzzles designed by Mr Stotts, who wa...

USD 42.00
Louis (7 )

20 bids   Closed

Big Ben

6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.Winner: Jury Grand Prize IPP Design Competition 2015The object of the puzzle is to ultima...

USD 3,125.00
KeeZor (40 )

13 bids   Closed

Fidget Burr

Alias 'Dollar Burr', 'Chin Burr' or 'Burrnova Parallel'. Jury Honorable Mention at the IPP37 Design Competition in Paris, France 2017. An an...

USD 361.00
gwennou (9 )

9 bids   Closed

Hip Flask

Hip Flask by Felix Ure

USD 186.00
gazza19 (5 )

16 bids   Closed

Vadasz Cube

This clever puzzle resembles a Rubiks Cube but has an entirely different mechanism. Instead of an internal hub around which the pieces rotate, this puzzle is solved by pu...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (22 )

1 bid   Closed

Oskar's Maze

This is a metal discontinued item, in original packaging (with instructions). As described by Oskar, it is a 3-dimensional mechanical maze which has a surprising number...

USD 50.00
monopoles (10 )

10 bids   Closed


Rizal was Rex's first sequential discovery puzzle and is a great introduction to the genre. While not terribly difficult, it is tricky and has an elegant solution.

USD 120.00
DanielScher (57 )

24 bids   Closed

A Plugged Well

6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - Washington DC, August 2012IPP Design Competition 201...

USD 1,075.00
KeeZor (40 )

23 bids   Closed


Puzzle involves shuttling slider bars back and forth to move the colored marbles into desired patterns. Measures approximately 7 inches by 6.5 inches and 1 inch thick. Co...

USD 4.99
RoyRedlich (22 )

1 bid   Closed

Where's My Hammer

Where's My Hammer is a difficult sequential discovery puzzle. Beautifully made. I rate this puzzle LVL 10 for difficulty. This puzzle will have you cursing in no ti...

USD 550.00
Usher (13 )

13 bids   Closed

Straight Up IPP

This is an original design puzzle !Exchange puzzle entry from David Litwin at IPP 35.The goal is to open the razor blade and close it again.After the end of the auction t...

USD 185.00
tynods (55 )

10 bids   Closed

Paper 3x3x3 Cube - Fully Functional - Hand Made - One of a Kind!

This is a 3x3x3 PAPER CUBE, made entirely of 60lb card stock and a bit of adhesive glue - even "stickers" are made of card stock. Made using Daniel Stabile'...

USD 100.00
nalpak (75 )

1 bid   Closed