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Up for auction is the LOST MARBLE puzzle. Your goal is to find a way to release the inprisoned marble which will certainly proove difficult. There are some brain teasers ...

Spanishlovemachine (153 )

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SLIDING MAZE - Kirill Grebnev

Up for auction is the SLIDING MAZE sequential movement puzzle designed by Kirill Grebnev which he also used as an exchange puzzle. As with most of these kind of puzzles t...

Spanishlovemachine (153 )

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Bananacus Sliding Marble Puzzle - NEW

Brand new! Early release, hard to find! 

USD 22.00
nalpak (64 )

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LineArt - Jean Claude Constantin

Up for auction is a sequential movement puzzle designed by the famous Jean Claude Constantin called LineArt. You willnNeed to bring the numbes 1 to 9 in order - either ab...

Spanishlovemachine (153 )

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Barcode Burr

barcode burr by Lee Krasnow 3D print version This complicated cube puzzle is made of 6 similar looking pieces which slide in and out of each other along unexpected diag...

USD 96.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Arancia Meccanica

Arancia Meccanica by SimpathyPuzzle in excellent unused condition In original packaging (showing wear and tear) - 2 information leaflets and coloured beads for a more ch...

USD 60.00
zzupler (6 )

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Free Me 6

Sequential discovery puzzle made by Joseph Turner.This is easily in my top 3 favorite puzzles! See picture for description.Winner to pay shipping cost. I will message yo...

USD 300.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Aluminum Cross

Original Aluminum cross by Wil Strijbos.This puzzle has no markings except two small alignment dots, so I believe it to be one of the originals from strijbos, made before...

USD 230.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Escape From Bastille

Escape from the BastilleBy Simon Bexfield For IPP39 held in Japan 2019Also, was entered in the 2019 puzzle design competition .Description will be in the photos .

USD 37.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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4 step visible lock

This puzzle received the Grand Prize at the Puzzle Competition in 2011 which was held in Berlin. This puzzle is made out of Trespa which is a pressed wood material.  Th...

USD 175.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Sequential Discovery Burred Box

From pluredro.comThis six-piece burr shaped puzzle happens to have a small cavity or compartment and it requires sequential discovery movements to access the cavity using...

USD 1,150.00
ateThousands (5 )

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Hydrant by Stephan Baumegger.Goal is to find the Fire Hose.This is not a sequential discovery puzzle per say , but it does have sequential discovery characteristics.I tho...

USD 415.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Slammed car

Sequential discovery puzzle “slammed car” made by Juno.2019 Puzzle Design Competition “jury grand prize” winner.This is hands down my favorite puzzle that I have ...

USD 815.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Sequential Discovery Board Burred Box

Sequential discovery board burred box made by JunoAnother amazing SD puzzle by Juno. Absolutely love this puzzle.Words by Juno:As you can easily imagine, the concept of t...

USD 775.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Puzzleduck Pastures

Sequential discovery puzzle.Goal is to open the fairy door.Also, a great SD puzzle that was rather difficult for me.Winner to pay shipping cost. I will message you after ...

USD 701.00
puzzleplumber (61 )

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Haleslock 5 Fire Starter [550-294]

Puzzle lock #5 by master locksmith Shane Hales. This model features a very unique cylindrical lock and is a very fun and challenging multi-step solve.  Includes key and ...

USD 310.00
HoneyBadger (104 )

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Popplock T7 [550-075]

Popplock T7 in mint condition including Rainer's original instruction booklet. For more photos/details, please visit:!Int...

USD 926.00
HoneyBadger (104 )

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Popplock T9 [400-995]

Popplock T9 in mint condition.  A pdf of Rainer's original instruction booklet is included.  For complete photos/details, please visit:

USD 1,600.00
HoneyBadger (104 )

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Swing Lock [402-060]

Puzzle lock enthusiasts, take note!Splinter designed and crafted this lock to mystify.  Perhaps the name has something to do with it...  See if you have what it takes t...

USD 380.00
HoneyBadger (104 )

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Haleslock 4 [400-782]

Puzzle lock #4 by master locksmith Shane Hales. This model features a very unique cylindrical key and is a challenging solve.Visit for mo...

USD 495.00
HoneyBadger (104 )

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