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Gold Coast Parking Meter

G’day puzzlers,I’ve been forced to thin down my collection so have to say bye to this great puzzle by the Real Mr Puzzle.The aim is to get the parking meter to accept...

USD 545.00
Christo (26 )

29 bids   Closed

Cop Out Series - Trapped Coin Mechanical Puzzles shipping and handling cost will be calc...

USD 50.00
josiah1221 (21 )

14 bids   Closed

Big Ben Exchange

Winner Jury Grand Prize IPP Design Competition 2015Designed by John Moores in collaboration with Juno Yananose and Brian Young. Manufactured by Mr Puzzle in 2014 and pres...

USD 2,550.00
brendan (1 )

21 bids   Closed


Description: Ansel (unopened), camera-themed sequential discovery puzzle by Puzzled Wolf (Brandon Wolf). Fantastic sequential discovery puzzle reminiscent somewhat of t...

USD 131.00
chris_linnick (6 )

9 bids   Closed

Popplock T12

Popplock T12 complete with unopened solution and workings.It's brass so it shows cosmetic wear/patina see photos.Postage and insurance will be charged at cost when I...

USD 1,100.00
gazza19 (5 )

4 bids   Closed

Sanmai by Yuyuki Endo

A unique puzzle by Yuyuki Endo - the goal is to connect the lines by rotating the internal pieces using the two cut-outs in the frame.From the original description: "...

USD 75.00
fivesinatras (13 )

4 bids   Closed

Washington Monument

Washington Monument by Brian Young.Puzzle in perfect condition, except slight oxidation on the cheap paper flags. Please see the description via provided link for more i...

USD 550.00
Usher (13 )

14 bids   Closed

Ages - Sequential Discovery Puzzle

Pairing down my collection. Never got around to attempting this one, unfortunately.  Brian Young makes some of the best SD puzzles out there. Ages is named after how lon...

USD 390.00
PuzzDude (30 )

14 bids   Closed


Please READ THIS: Shipping worldwide except Canada & Australia. Shipping and handling fees to be calculated.VisayasThis is the 8th sequencial discovery puzzle from Rex. ...

USD 45.00
grigoremereacre (0)

1 bid   Closed

Lock Box (Waterfall Sapele)

Description: Lock Box, sequential discovery by Eric Fuller in Waterfall Sapele. One of Eric’s best puzzles to date and loved by many. Of my collection this is one pie...

USD 625.00
chris_linnick (6 )

6 bids   Closed