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Popplock T10

T10 reminds of the common known locks made from punched sheet metal. However the sheet metal parts of this lock are laser cutted and every single of them reworked for hig...

USD 1,353.00
j7727 (14 )

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This puzzle is a variation of the power tower. This is an N-ary puzzle with, binary, Ternary, quarternary, and quinary pieces.The puzzle can be assembled with any of the ...

USD 265.00
Puzzler91 (6 )

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Puzzle Bottle Lot x3

Lot of x3 puzzle bottles -Milk Jug - appears to be handmade - classic remove bolt/nut-Clearly Canadian - appears to be handmade - classic remove bult/nut-Bottlneck - com...

USD 9.00
nalpak (72 )

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Twisty Puzzle 3x3x3 Sticker Mod Lot x7

Lot of x7 3x3x3 cubes with interesting sticker mods:-Bullseye Cube - interesting design-Star Cube - each side should have stars with same number of points-Polygon Cube - ...

USD 6.00
nalpak (72 )

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TWO DOGS - Diniar Namdarian

Up for auction is a sequential movement puzzle from Diniar Namdarian called Two Dogs. You will need to move the dogs from a starting position to an end position. I even b...

Spanishlovemachine (162 )

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Disguised Axis Cube Lot x2 - Sticker Mods

These are fun custom sticker mods.-An axis cube with stickers that make it look like a 3x3x3-A 3x3x3 with stickers that make it look like an axis cube

USD 9.00
nalpak (72 )

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Hexadecimal Binary Arts w/ Rare FIRST Puzzle

Excellent condition!

USD 85.00
nalpak (72 )

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HalesLock 5 - FIRE STARTER

Selling this amazing lock puzzle, begrudgingly.  In excellent, like new condition.  Comes with insert and mesh bag that came with puzzle.  

USD 405.00
PuzzDude (23 )

22 bids   Closed

Washington Monument

USD 200.00
KeeZor (27 )

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Gold Coast Parking Meter

USD 372.00
KeeZor (27 )

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Camera Conundrum

USD 300.00
KeeZor (27 )

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Lost Marble Maze

Object is to release the marble from the internal maze in a block of wood.

USD 2.00
RoyRedlich (14 )

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Arancia Meccanica

Arancia Meccanica by SimpathyPuzzle in excellent unused condition In original packaging (showing wear and tear) - 2 information leaflets and coloured beads for a more ch...

USD 65.00
zzupler (6 )

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BioHazard Deluxe version.This puzzle is designed based on triangular sliding tiles with no gaps.This one has 10 tiles that need to be moved on the right position to revea...

USD 80.00
tynods (31 )

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Triple Tango

PRODUCED:46 CopiesDESIGNER:Jerry LooCRAFTSMAN:Eric FullerMATERIAL:Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, AcrylicCOMMENTS:I don't normally make flat puzzles, but this one by Jerry ...

USD 141.00
KeeZor (27 )

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Popplock T7

Popplock T7 in mint condition from the collection of Abel Garcia. Rainer's original instruction booklet is included. For complete photos/details, please visit: http...

USD 500.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Popplock T8

Popplock T8 in mint condition from the collection of Abel Garcia.  Rainer's original instruction booklet is included.  For complete photos/details, please visit: ...

USD 400.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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SEARious Burr 13 Piece Burr with secret lock

Can Read Brian's description of the puzzle here puzzle functions p...

USD 230.00
Puzzler91 (6 )

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Rudenko Mosaic Sliding Puzzle

Rudenko Mosaic double sided sliding puzzleA bit warped but still works 

USD 21.00
nalpak (72 )

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HalesLock 5 - "Fire Starter" (Hales Lock 5)

HalesLock 5 - "Fire Starter" by Shane Hales in excellent / like new condition. Comes with bag and instructions.Quite rare these days.Winning bidder will be co...

USD 667.00
AJK (7 )

22 bids   Closed