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Climb Game 15 (D45-48) by Minoru Abe [415-905]

Large 15 piece tray puzzle, colored pieces and padded custom tray as shown. Never played condition. Very unusual puzzle game from puzzle master Minoru Abe, likely produce...

USD 110.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Pink & Blue (E19) NOBlocks by Nob Yoshigahara [415-763]

Pink & Blue (E19) NOBlocks by Nob Yoshigahara is a 10 piece tray puzzle, colored pieces in custom tray as shown. Never played condition. Very unusual puzzle game from puz...

USD 69.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Labyrinth Tee Jay (S-21) [402-983]

An interesting cylindrical handheld maze, constructed entirely of wood.  Outside finish is excellent, inside ring is labeled 0 to 9 for indexing, and end is stamped &quo...

USD 42.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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The Four Seasons by Nob Yoshigahara [430-957]

The Four Seasons by Nob Yoshigahara is a set of sliding block puzzles that consists of 20 pieces inside a tray.  Remove different tiles, some larger than 1 unit, per in...

USD 62.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Free Me 6

Free Me 6 is a Sequential Discovery puzzle with many fun twists and turns before your able to tee the 50cent piece.   A lot of fun packed into this gem.   Condition is...

USD 295.00
PuzzDude (23 )

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First box

Sequential discovery - First BoxThe puzzle is to remove the gold anodised metal rod inside.To do this you do not need any tapping, no magnets and no external tools. Every...

USD 265.00
puzzleplumber (63 )

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Pachinko Box

Sequential discovery puzzle by Wil Strijbos Comes with original boxChallenges:First  - Free the First Coin, while the box is still closed...Second - Open the box...Thir...

USD 1,650.01
puzzleplumber (63 )

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Number Blocks by Khiam/Lensch [412-497]

Top Shelf display piece from the dynamic designer/craftsman duo!Goh Pit Khiam's Number Blocks won Honorable Mention at the 2015 Design Competition in Ottawa: https...

USD 135.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Stickman Pirate Lock

Read Eric's description at

USD 335.00
dickerdixon (111 )

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Modern Time IPP 31

This was the IPP 31  exchange Puzzle from Sven Baeck Goal : Rotate the wheelwork until the four wheel have the horizontal and vertical surface have the same color as his...

USD 16.00
YassCherry (5 )

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Sliding Jewels, Sliding Diamonds by RGee [552-265]

A handmade boxed assortment of puzzles from the ubiquitous RGee Watkins.  Sliding Jewel and other puzzles, all self contained in a box RGee prepared for his own library ...

USD 50.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Popplock T10 [401-066]

Popplock T10 in mint condition including Rainer's original instruction booklet. For more photos/details, please visit:!In...

USD 1,252.00
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Fire (Elemental Series)

The first of The Elemental Puzzle Series, ‘Fire’ is a complex mechanical puzzle made of anodised and engraved aluminium. The objective is to solve ‘Fire’ by open...

USD 725.00
KeeZor (27 )

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Up for auction is one of my all time favourites (as almost every kind of these logic games with multiple challenges). You will need to eat other monsters by stacking them...

Spanishlovemachine (162 )

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Total Eclipse - Oskar van Deventer

Total eclipse by oskar van DeventerAn IPP1999 Edward Hordern exchange gift designed Oskar van Deventer and made by Griffioen design.Can you find the way to remove the rin...

USD 25.00
mimetag (39 )

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Antique Metal 15 Puzzle [414-627]

Antique, playable metal/porcelain "15" puzzle.  This variety has Round internal pegs upon which the tiles slide.Mahalo!International Shipping AVAILABLE - see S...

USD 3.50
HoneyBadger (132 )

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Stumbling Block

A Puzzles from Dick Hess.Ipp 30 exchange puzzles Osaka adn Hakone 2010.Winner pays shipping cost and a part of paypal fees (4% paypal fees conversion USD to EUR)Shipp...

USD 20.00
Gregory (26 )

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Up for auction is the LOST MARBLE puzzle. Your goal is to find a way to release the inprisoned marble which will certainly proove difficult. There are some brain teasers ...

Spanishlovemachine (162 )

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SLIDING MAZE - Kirill Grebnev

Up for auction is the SLIDING MAZE sequential movement puzzle designed by Kirill Grebnev which he also used as an exchange puzzle. As with most of these kind of puzzles t...

Spanishlovemachine (162 )

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Bananacus Sliding Marble Puzzle - NEW

Brand new! Early release, hard to find! 

USD 22.00
nalpak (72 )

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