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In-Out burr puzzle

The In-Out puzzle was DanFeldmans exchange puzzle for IPP19 in London, 1999.It was designed and made by Philippe Dubois.Assemble the 24 pieces to form the vage-like shape...

USD 115.00
Louis (3 )

26 bids   Closed

Box Rebellion

Fit the four L-shaped pieces into the box, moving the plastic slider back and forth to assist with the task. The exchange puzzle from John Rausch at IPP24, Tokyo.

USD 45.00
DanielScher (50 )

7 bids   Closed

Tube it in

Tube it in by Wil Strijbos. Made by Cubicdissection. Puzzle is in perfect condition, never been taken apart. Sold out. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost and PayPal fees.¬...

USD 180.00
Charleyzen46 (9 )

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Tangram Deluxe

6% paypal fee is paid by the buyerShipping is calculated after auction is closed.Deluxe edition of the classic Tangram puzzle.Made in exotic woods by Jean Claude Constan...

USD 10.00
KeeZor (30 )

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Cornucopia No. 107715 (IPP16)

This is a double sided tray packing puzzle with unique solutions and an addition 4 extra challenges. The double sides allow the extra pieces to be glued in place if requi...

USD 52.00
PuzzlingTime (5 )

25 bids   Closed

Little Kenny

Little Kenny by Ken Irvine

USD 125.00
gazza19 (5 )

15 bids   Closed


Pincers in Cherry and Ovangkol

USD 50.00
gazza19 (5 )

1 bid   Closed

Hat Trick

Hat Trick in Curly Maple and Bolivian Rosewood pieces. 

USD 50.00
gazza19 (5 )

1 bid   Closed


Tulip by Osanori

USD 55.00
gazza19 (5 )

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Convergent Evolution D'Artagnan

This puzzle was entered into the IPP 2013 design competition, designed by Bram Cohen.The objective is : "using all four pieces to make two identical shapes".Not...

USD 25.00
Arsenal (23 )

1 bid   Closed


This is John Partridge's IPP 39 exchange puzzle, based on a Stewart Coffin design.The objective is : "assembling the 6 identical pieces into the given shape in ...

USD 35.01
Arsenal (23 )

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Three Gantt Puzzles

These three were designed and made about 30 years ago by Florida puzzle designer Charles Gantt. Two are packing problems and the other an interlocking cube puzzle.Gantt P...

USD 18.00
RoyRedlich (19 )

8 bids   Closed

Convex Polgon by Polyaboloes MU-5a 2018

This is a 10 problem Exchange Puzzle, exchanged by Naoki Shibuya and designed and crafted by Mineyuki Uyematsu, from the IPP39 in Kanazawa.Perfect condition, comes with i...

USD 6.00
PuzzlingTime (5 )

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Yellow Cube Puzzle PZ-9

A 3x3x3 unit cube 7 piece assembly puzzle.  Not the Soma configuration--two pieces are different. Brand is "Wooden Toy MOCCO by HEIWA" with the name Yellow Cub...

USD 4.99
diagonal (4 )

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Chain Store Walnut/ Zebrawood by Goh Pit Khiam

Chain Store is a very unusual puzzle. The goal is simple; to fit the chain with its five interconnected links completely into the box. The solution is not so simple and v...

USD 155.00
CubicdissectionExtras (82 )

34 bids   Closed

Reticulated Cubes Birch Top by Lee Sallows (2)

Reticulated Cubes is a fascinating exploration of 3x3 cube puzzles with a novel twist. Each box contains nine pieces, and there are eight possible cube solutions. The goa...

USD 255.00
CubicdissectionExtras (82 )

37 bids   Closed

Chain Store

What can I say?  I'm not very good at packing puzzles, and this one is driving me mad, so it's time to let go.  With other copies starting @ $1 by Eric, hopef...

USD 150.00
RonZezima (25 )

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Harun by Dr. Volker Latussek (RPP)

Another brilliant packing puzzle by the designer of the award winning "Casino" puzzle, Harun is a tricky assembly. Six notched sticks and six small planks pack ...

USD 115.00
CubicdissectionExtras (82 )

27 bids   Closed

Symmple Puzzle

Symmple Puzzle by Adin Townsend; arrange the 3 pieces in the tray with line symmetry. Very tricky.  Shipping overseas is $14.50, shipping in the US is $5 first class

USD 17.50
tomjolly2 (17 )

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Pile 'Em Up Orange

Hello,This puzzle is "Pile 'Em Up Orange", made by Toyo Glass.The puzzle is new and comes in its original packaging.I will wrap it carefully and send with ...

USD 62.00
Arsenal (23 )

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