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Burr with Rings

From 2018 Eric: Burr with Ring is a clever assembly from award winning designer Hajime Katsumoto. It's a standard six piece burr with the addition of six rings, ...

USD 94.00
tomburns (13 )

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Wourie - Alfons Eyckmans

A fantastic burr from Alfons, presented here by Pelikan. One of the boards has a minor flaw where a glue point has come loose, visible in the photos; the puzzle still sol...

USD 65.00
tomburns (13 )

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New condition.Original Wood Wonders description not available.Level with 10 rotations.Presumably sized: 2.25" x 2.25" x 2.25" ( 5.7cm x 5.7cm x...

USD 140.00
phosking (4 )

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New condition. Wood Wonders: "LunaTIC is another TIC with relatively few pieces, only 5. And with only 2 rotations, it would seem to be a good challenge for a new p...

USD 139.00
phosking (4 )

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Layer Cake

Solved once. Returned to original state. Like new. Yellowheart/ Borneo Rosewood/ Monterillo Rosewood version.Wood Wonders: "When Jose sent me this design, I knew I ...

USD 80.00
phosking (4 )

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Split Maze Burr by Derek Bosch (RPP)

Derek's Split Maze Burr has been eagerly awaited as the more difficult and imposing verion of the original Maze Burr released years ago by Kagen. Upping the ante wit...

USD 160.01
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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New condition. Wood Wonders: "Another design competition entry from Andrew, this is a tough little puzzle to assemble. Two fairly large pieces make the process of s...

USD 99.00
phosking (4 )

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Solved once. Restored to original unsolved state. Like new.Can send further pictures on request.Wood Wonders: "More rotations with the FanaTIC. Five in all, with a l...

USD 93.00
phosking (4 )

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Oskar's Matchboxes Mixed Woods by Oskar van Deventer (RPP)

Oskar's Matchboxes has always been one of my favorite designs. In terms of originality, appearance and overall appeal, very few puzzles come close. The five dissimil...

USD 80.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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Twelve Bow Ties 3

Twelve Bow Ties 3 was both designed and crafted by the master himself, Wayne Daniels, whose work is getting mighty hard to find these days.  It was an IPP36 Exchange Gif...

USD 50.00
Pu22le (7 )

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Trirods Ball Extra

Pelikan's Trirods Ball in multiple fancy woods.  Not a difficult puzzle but it looks great on the shelf.  Read Kevin Sadler's comments at https://www.pelikan...

USD 185.00
dickerdixon (142 )

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Band Cube by William Hu Made by Eric Fuller

Band Cube, designed by William Hu, made by Eric Fuller. Part of the discontinued gem series. Buyer will pay shipping and will be calculated at the end of the auction. Sh...

USD 30.00
CanMan (18 )

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USD 217.00
stephen (29 )

6 bids   Closed

Burr Bones

This three piece devil is a crafty level 24 solution with TONS of dead ends and trickiness. The skeletonized traditional three piece shape looks stuning in contrastin...

USD 160.00
dcameron (25 )

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Helical Burr by Derek Bosch

Helical Burr by Derek Bosch. Made in ABS plastic by Steve Nicholls. This copy is loose and has some cosmetic flaws.Buyer will pay shipping and will be calculated at the ...

USD 33.00
CanMan (18 )

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Ring Lock

The goal is to make a 5x5x3 assembly. While the level solution isn't very high, the rotation involved is very tricky.Once the puzzler starts solving it it ...

USD 104.00
dcameron (25 )

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This was Laszlo Molnar's IPP design competition entry at IPP38.Goal is to get the three holly pieces into the box through the small hole.Quite tricky!

USD 95.00
DerekBosch (132 )

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Tripla is a 3-piece interlocking puzzle with an icosahedral symmetry in the solved state. It is made of 3 mm stainless steel with matte finish. Tripla may look innocent b...

USD 40.00
DanielScher (58 )

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Twisted Burr

One of Kagen Sound (nee Shaefer)'s early designs.Unlike his more well known boxes, this is a 6 pc burr with 2 solutions.

USD 348.00
DerekBosch (132 )

13 bids   Closed


This level 10 4x4x4 cube is by the prolific Goh Pit Khiam,made in multiple hardwoods (marked Mach/Pad) on the box.Fit is very tight, could be improved with light sanding ...

USD 92.00
DerekBosch (132 )

18 bids   Closed