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Think Outside the Box by Tom Jolly

Another very cool interlocking puzzle from the talented Mr. Jolly. Think Outside the Box has a long name and a moderate level 9.2 solution. However, there's a catch!...

USD 161.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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Burr No. 306 by Bill Cutler (RPP)

Burr #306 is a classic. The puzzle is solid when solved with no internal voids, and comes apart into two sets of three pieces. This is not to be mistaken with easier vers...

USD 55.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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Cube Sixteen by Stewart Coffin (RPP)

Cube Sixteen is one of Coffin's more obscure designs but is nonetheless a delightful puzzle. Five unique pieces serially interlock with one possible solution. It...

USD 155.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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Geneva by William Hu Unique Woods

Geneva is the first new puzzle by William Hu in quite some time. Named after the clockwork mechanism that it's partially inspired by, the level 9.3.4 solution includ...

USD 140.00
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Puzzle is assembled now...let me know if you’d like it shipped disassembled.   Gorgeous heavy TIC made by Eric Fuller.  In excellent condition  BioTic is a BEAST! 28...

USD 75.00
PuzzDude (38 )

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Stepping Burr by Junichi Yananose unique woods

Stepping Burr is a very tricky level 10 interlocking burr puzzle. The unconventional nature of the six pieces results in some very unusual movements. Crafted from figured...

USD 53.00
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Half Lid Box

from cubicdissection.comHalf Lid Box by the famous Hajime Katsumoto is a similar challenge to Obstacle Box. With only two layers and one slider, you'd think it was e...

USD 73.00
DerekBosch (132 )

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Missing Notch

A beautiful rendition of Stewart Coffin's original design.  Read about it at  a...

USD 86.00
dickerdixon (142 )

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Fidget Burr by Tim Alkema (RPP)

Fidget burr was an easy decision to make. A seemingly simple 3x3 cube, it's actually a five-piece interlocking burr with a level 12 solution. Three burr pieces nest ...

USD 60.00
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205 Minutes by Aleksandr Leontev (RPP)

Leontev's 205 Minutes is a masterpiece in both design and construction. So named because if you make one correct move per second, non stop, it will take you 205 minu...

USD 390.00
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A 5-piece design by Jos Bergmans in the TIC category, level  Ka'apuni means to go around or turn in the Hawaiian language.  Beautiful woods well crafted b...

USD 115.00
dickerdixon (142 )

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Board Burr Rack

from Burr Rack looks quite simple. Simply slide four burrs into the rack spaces created by the frame. Easy, right? Unfortunately the two cubes t...

USD 70.00
DerekBosch (132 )

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P Burr

Unusual shaped 6 pc burr.  Level 18.2

USD 69.00
DerekBosch (132 )

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Box Rebellion

Description: Box Rebellion, designed by Steward Coffin. Manufactured by Cubic Dissection. This version is yellow canarywood box with padauk pieces. Similar to the 4L pu...

USD 150.00
chris_linnick (10 )

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Capsula Burr - Demirhan/Fuller

Capsula Burr - Yavuz Demirhan - made by Eric Fuller in walnut and maple. 6 pieces, level 2.4, made in 2013.Shipping weight 10 ounces including packaging.

USD 141.00
tomjolly2 (25 )

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3-leg Puzzle

3 leg Puzzle  - Brian Young Puzzle in like new condition. Shipping to be determined at sale of the item, handling fee is $7.00, if you win multiple items, handling fee...

USD 27.00
Usher (19 )

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Bill's Ball Bearing Burr (Eric Fuller / Bill Cutler)

From the original CubicDissection listing:"Bill's Ball bearing burr is one of my all-time favorite interlocking puzzles. The normal six-piece assembly is furthe...

USD 55.00
fivesinatras (25 )

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Chicken Puzzle by Olexandre Kapkan (RPP)

I'm glad to be revisiting this fun design! Originally released with limited availability in 2015, the Chicken Puzzle boasts an impressive level 10 solution and a hid...

USD 85.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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8 identical pieces forming a nice symmetric shape.Difficulty level the end of the auction the final shipping cost will be calculated.SEPA bank transfe...

USD 120.00
tynods (58 )

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Kaon by Duane Einfeld (RPP)

I hadn't heard from Duane in quite some time, but he mailed me this little gem of a puzzle and I had to make it. Kaon is a six-piece burr which features three pairs ...

USD 55.00
CubicdissectionExtras (137 )

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