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Wada Large Format Dexterity Maze

Rare large format Wada dexterity puzzle - Highly detailed wooden marble puzzle - Get marble to red piece without falling off tracks. approx 7inx7inx2in

USD 115.00
nalpak (34 )

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IDEAL Impact & Criss Cross - Out of Print Dexterity Game Lot

Ideal Criss Cross & Impact - two really interesting dexterity games - both are re-issues of vintage versions, but are themselves out of production - Comes with original b...

USD 12.00
nalpak (34 )

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Pluck 'Em Dexterity Puzzle

Pluck 'Em PuzzleOK the basics are this puzzle weighs about a third of an SPH and although the lady's hair is made of plastic it is the closest to hamster furrin...

USD 11.00
Steve (32 )

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Lot of x2 Dexterity Games Shoot A Loop & Hole in the Head

Lot of x2 Vintage Dexterity GamesHole in the Head - Vintage with box - use the magnetic wand to drop metal balls into various holes for points!Shoot a Loop - reproduction...

USD 5.00
nalpak (34 )

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NEW - Eureka 3D Message in a Bottle Dexterity Disassembly Glass Puzzle

Sealed, new - Eureka Message in a Bottle - Remove the paper scroll from the bottle

USD 7.00
nalpak (34 )

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Pennsylvania Dutch Company Bottle Puzzle

Pennsylvania Dutch Company Bottle Puzzle - Remove the ball from the puzzle - An interesting dexterity challenge!

USD 8.00
nalpak (34 )

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Toyo Glass Promotional Dexterity Super Rare

Rare Toyo Glass Dexterity Puzzle - This was not a commercial release! Separate the balls into the separate compartments. Extremely rare! Has the Toyo Glass text logo prin...

USD 40.00
nalpak (34 )

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Odd Balling & Revolutions Four Generations Vintage Dexterity Puzzles

Set of x2 wooden dexterity games/puzzles from the 70s

USD 25.00
nalpak (34 )

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Toyo Glass :Pick 'Em Up Dexterity Puzzle (+Ambiguous Illusion)

Toyo Glass  Pick 'Em upA slightly less common, but highly desirable, Toyo Glass Puzzle now out of production.  A dexterity puzzle. Pop the balls into the police ma...

USD 62.00
Steve (32 )

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Toyo Glass : Tower of Babel Dexterity Puzzle

Toyo Glass  Tower of BabelA slightly less common, but highly desirable, Toyo Glass Puzzle now out of production.  A dexterity puzzle. Originally released as a promotion...

USD 24.00
Steve (32 )

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