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Two PI

Eric's description: This simple cube is easy to solve, but I found the design interesting. Three different pieces use coordinate motion, sliding together neatly. Ze...

USD 167.00
DanielScher (22 )

8 bids  

Pin Block Case (Unique Copy)

This is a unique copy of a previously released puzzle.  Sometimes during a production run there is just enough extra material to make a few copies using alternate wood p...

USD 41.00
CubicdissectionExtras (0)

15 bids  

SIXPACK - Jean Claude Constantine

Up for auction is an interesting 2D packing puzzle which was designed and manufactured by Jean Claude Constantin. It is called SIXPACK and actually is 6 puzzles in one as...

Spanishlovemachine (103 )

13 bids  


Frankenstein is a real beast unless you love high level disassembly!  Read what Eric has to say at

USD 111.00
dickerdixon (35 )

13 bids  

Oskar's Paperclips Puzzle (2010 version)

I made a very small batch of this excellent puzzle five years ago, and thought it was time for another one. Very few people have made this puzzle (just me and Tom I think...

USD 316.00
Cubicks (3 )

14 bids  


Up for auction is an interesting take apart / put together puzzle designed by Akio Yamamoto. Actually everything is eyesight due to the blue acrylic used for the NAKED SE...

Spanishlovemachine (103 )

10 bids  

Wausau '84

From Mr. Cutler's website: "I had always been interested in designing burr puzzles which are difficult to take apart. The burr shapes I had used to this point a...

USD 95.00
bvanost (4 )

2 bids  

Trick Padlock #9

One of several Indian Puzzle locks I am selling.  The manufacture of all is best described as rustic.  Some of these locks shows signs of rusting but all are complete a...

USD 30.00
Steve (17 )

17 bids