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Stand By Cube 1

Stand By Cube no.1.  Please read Allard Walker's comments at http://allardspuzzlingtimes.blogspot.com/2017/04/stand-by-cubes-12-3.html

USD 90.00
dickerdixon (35 )

7 bids  

The Oriental Toothpick Safe Puzzle Box

Dave Rossetti's IPP20 (Tokyo) Exchange PuzzleDesigned and predominantly made by Frank Chambers (Parts of the locking mechanism were made by Walt & Chris Hoppe)Puzzle...

USD 550.00
Steve (17 )

35 bids  

Exchange by Wil Strijbos

Exchange by Wil Strijbos - IPP - Comes with original box and papersMissing ball bearing and one of the chainlink rings - Still playable and parts can probably be found at...

USD 150.00
nalpak (0)

1 bid  

Cubyful 2

from cubicdissection.com:Cubyful is an interesting interlocking packing puzzle by Lucie. Seven fairly simple pieces must pack into the box...the tricky part is the captiv...

USD 49.00
DerekBosch (84 )

14 bids  

Towers of Riga

Pack the 13 pieces in the given container. Ipp 25 exchange.Buyer pays paypal fees

USD 26.00
Pottypuzzles (5 )

11 bids  

Matador (Unique Copy 1)

This is a unique copy of a previously released puzzle.  Sometimes during a production run there is just enough extra material to make a few copies using alternate wood p...

USD 161.00
CubicdissectionExtras (0)

25 bids  

Alcyl / Blue Cylinder

Very rare hard to find collector's puzzle in very good to excellent condition.Object is to open the cylinder and close it again. Very well engineered piece of puzzle...

USD 395.00
JerryLoo (9 )

38 bids  

Dinlas 3

Cubicdissection.com description: "Reminiscent of one of my favorite puzzles (MINE's Cube in Cage), Dinlas bumps it up from a 3x3 cube to a 4x4. Assembly is VERY...

USD 170.00
rzvvl2 (13 )

8 bids