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TROIS CHOCOLATS - Frederic Boucher

Up for auction is a fabulous dexterity challenge out of Frederic Boucher's fin called TROIS CHOCOLATS. You goal is to stack the 3  cubes (2 have a step on top and o...

Spanishlovemachine (103 )

9 bids  

Wandering Cubes

Eric's description: Wandering Cubes is one of those puzzles which blurs the line between packing puzzles and interlocking puzzles. While not a high level puzzle, t...

USD 130.00
DanielScher (22 )

11 bids  

Triagonal Agony

Triagonal Agony by Laszlo Molnar

USD 110.00
Cubicks (3 )

13 bids  


from cubicdissection.com:I could say so much about this puzzle. I could talk about the crazy angles, the moves which combine rotations with coordinate movement. The diffi...

USD 235.00
DerekBosch (84 )

34 bids  

The Rattle

A very difficult packing puzzle by Stewart Coffin.#237 in his list of designs.  one piece cannot be removed,which is the Rattle.  the remaining pieces must be inserted ...

USD 32.00
DerekBosch (84 )

11 bids  

Knotted Burr

Cubicdissection.com description: "Noah Prettyman designed this wonderful new burr puzzle with the intention to recreate the standard six piece burr shape using puzzl...

USD 220.00
rzvvl2 (13 )

16 bids  

Square Headed Burr

this unusual 6-piece burr is a level 8.2.2 design by Juno.It was an exchange puzzle at IPP29 in San Francisco

USD 41.00
DerekBosch (84 )

7 bids  

Betty's Baffling Bracelet

Assemble the bracelet into a self supporting rhombic dodecahedron.Exchange from IPP 27 - see https://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/betty-s-baffling-bracelet-wooden-bracelet-puzzle...

USD 66.00
Pottypuzzles (5 )

17 bids